ARCHIE MEETS RAMONES  #1 ONE-SHOT (Archie Comics Publications, October 5 release date)  Script: Alex Segura and Matthew Rosenberg.  Art and Letters: Gisele Lagace.  Colors: MA. Victoria Robado and Digikore Studios. 48 pages, $4.99



   There are two types of readers who will want to have this book: 1) Regular readers of the fictional teenage adventures of Archie, Betty & Veronica, Jughead, etc., and 2) fans of The Ramones, the iconic garage rock/punk band of the late 1970’s. 


     When this book was announced, we pre-ordered it because 1) we are big fans of The Ramones, and 2) while we don’t read Archie comics on a regular basis we do find it to be a nice change of pace from the darker, edgier comics that we normally read - - and this special extra-page issue gave us a chance to indulge once more.    


    The Archies rock band is struggling to keep things together.  They enter a battle of the bands competition, and things don’t look good for them after the first round.  Enter Sabrina, the teenage witch, with a magical copy (on vinyl!) of The Ramones first album. While listening to it on a portable record player, the time-bending notes of “Hey! Ho! Let’s Go!” transport the band members back to 1976 New York City and a meeting with The Ramones outside of Max’s Kansas City rock club. 


    The Archies are reluctantly recruited to fill a vacancy in a battle of the bands before the Ramones come on to play.  A neat little surprise occurs for the band members when they spot the younger version of Riverdale High School principal Mr. Weatherbee in the audience, with long hair, leather jacket and shades. 


  The rest of the story relates how the Ramones showed The Archies how to develop their “punk” attitude and use their music to express it.  There are numerous references to classic Ramones songs in the various tasks and scavenger hunts that the band must complete to earn the assistance of The Ramones.  As you might expect, once the Archies get back to 2016 they finish off the battle of bands by playing a Ramones song fast and loud and win it all.  Who doesn’t love a happy ending?


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   STORY: It’s a fun read, and a guilty pleasure for those of us who are usually more serious-minded.  2 POINTS.


ART:  I’ve never been wowed by the art style in Archie Comics. However, it’s clear, crisp, concise and colorful and always consistent with the house style no matter who the illustrator is.   2 POINTS.


COVER:  Punk rock forever!  1.5 POINTS. 


READ AGAIN?  I don’t recall many Archie stories that needed to be read more than once to fully appreciate, and this is no different. Although, there were some Dan Parent written and illustrated stories that called us back for a second time.  This one was as much fun to read over.  ONE-HALF POINT.


RECOMMEND?  Only if you enjoy reading Archie Comics, or happen to be a Ramones Fan. ONE-HALF POINT. 


TOTAL RATING: 6.5 POINTS OUT OF 10.  If this is what you are looking for, you know who you are. 

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