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Scuttlebutt! . . . . the latest from Dynamite Entertainment

  Scuttlebutt (a slang name for gossip) will be an infrequent column on BC Refugees containing industry news and rumors, usually noteworthy but not worthy of a dedicated column. Most of the notes will be culled from various press releases.  In our debut edition, we focus on some upcoming titles from Dynamite Entertainment. . . . . THE GODFATHER OF SHOCK ROCK FACES EVIL ERNIE AND THE CHAOS! COMICS FIENDS  IN THE UPCOMING MINISERIES, ALICE COOPER VS. CHAOS! June 29, 2013, Mt. Laurel, NJ:   Dynamite Entertainment is proud to announce the upcoming September launch of Alice Cooper vs. Chaos! , a five-issue miniseries pitting the world-renowned rock 'n' roll icon against the comic book industry's premiere horror franchise.  Tim Seeley ( Hack/Slash , Batman: Eternal ) and Jim Terry ( The Crow: Skinning the Wolves ) share writing duties for the event series, with Terry performing double-duty as the series artist. Joyce Chin ( Swords of Sorrow ) will provide covers for the entiret

Evil Dead Reboot BluRay Review

David and his girlfriend have traveled to their family’s cabin in an effort to help rehabilitate his drug-addicted younger sister, Mia.  Along with a nurse and another friend, the four discuss how they plan to help Mia by keeping her locked in the cabin and away from old friends and negative influences until she finally kicks.  These drastic measures have come about since Mia’s last overdose which left her clinically dead for almost a minute.  The friends make a pact that they are not leaving no matter how much Mia begs and pleads with them.  But after a short escape attempt into the woods leaves Mia in a near catatonic state, they discover leaving was never an option.  This Evil Dead movie is a big departure from the original but is still fantastic in that this was the movie Evil Dead was always supposed to be.  More horror than action-adventure and more likely to produce gasps of disbelief than belly laughs, the reboot of this movie is something to behold for anyone who can

Top Products Ordered For MAY 2015 released by Diamond Distributors

< b>EDITOR'S NOTES: I believe this is the same information that Diamond posts in PREVIEWS every month plus some additional stats and analysis. It's a subject of interest to me and one that I will share some of my own thoughts about soon.In the meantime, here is the full release. From the official press release . . . . Diamond Announces Top Products For May 2015 (BALTIMORE, MD) — (June 12, 2015) — The multiverse faces collapse and worlds collide in Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic's Secret Wars #1 from Marvel Comics, the best-selling comic book of May 2015 according to information provided by Diamond Comic Distributors, the world's largest distributor of comics, graphic novels, and pop culture merchandise. Marvel Comics was May's top publisher with a 40.17% dollar share and a 41.11% unit share. DC Entertainment was the month's number two publisher with a 25.43% dollar share and a 26.04% unit share. May's number three publisher was Image Comics with a

SCORCH Campaign Almost Ready to Launch on Kickstarter

EDITOR’S NOTE:  Readers may recognize writer/artist/creator Ashley Witter from the recent SQUARRIORS, where her art style was quite different from SCORCH, which is intended as a trade paperback collection of her popular web comic. We are a fan of her talents and glad to learn that more of her work is making it to print. Devil’s Due is running the crowd-funding and publishing the book.  They have been very reliable in the past in completing projects funded this way, which is a new trend that Devil’s Due hopes to popularize with many independent comics creators and help them bring their deserving works to a larger audience. From the official press release . . . . . . . The Kickstarter campaign for SCORCH is in the works and almost ready to launch! But for now, check out the one-of-a-kind SCORCH _ offerings and exclusives by previewing the campaign on Kickstarter . About this project Before her epic, Squarriors , and her interpretation of Anne Rice's Interview With A Vampire: Cl

More added to Baltimore Comic Con 2015 Guest List

From the official press release. . . . . Case, Dezago, Kemple, Rousseau, Woodall, & Yates Come to Baltimore Comic-Con BALTIMORE, MARYLAND - June 9, 2015 - Buy your tickets now for the 2015 Baltimore Comic-Con, taking place the weekend of September 25-27, 2015 at the Baltimore Comic-Con. This year, the Baltimore Comic-Con welcomes back Richard Case, Todd Dezago, Chris Kemple, Craig Rousseau, Rich Woodall, and Kelly Yates. Richard Case got his start at Marvel Comics, working on Strange Tales, but got his first real run on Doom Patrol at DC Comics. He has also contributed to numerous other noteworthy, acclaimed titles at DC, including Sandman, Shade, the Changing Man, Preacher, and Hunter: The Age of Magic. He is also a contributor to the Artist Alley Comics digital initiative. His recent work can be seen on DC Comics' Batman '66, Dynamite Entertainment's Flash Gordon and King: Jungle Jim, and variant covers from Action Lab Entertainment's Princeless: Raven the Pirate

Tickets go on sale early for Baltimore Comic Con 2015

from the official press release . . . . . . Baltimore Comic-Con Tickets - Perfect for Dads and Grads BALTIMORE, MARYLAND - May 28, 2015 - Every year, staff members are asked about the possibility of buying tickets as gifts, and this year, we're pleased to have tickets out in time for you to make your purchases in time for Father's Day or graduation. " Tickets to the Baltimore Comic-Con for Father's Day! Verily, a gift from the gods!" Tickets are now on sale for this year's show, taking place the weekend of September 25-27, 2015 at the Baltimore Convention Center in downtown Baltimore. Thinking about sending your husband with the kids? Bringing your dad for a weekend of comics and pop culture fun? Getting that new graduate the perfect unique gift? Maybe you want to send your dad or grad to the Harvey Awards ceremony with the stars and legends of the comic book industry? All of these are options at the Baltimore Comic-Con. Ticket prices are: We

Shark Tank For Comics - - Get Your Ideas Considered

EDITOR”S NOTE:  I love the idea of Shark Tank for Comics - - creators get to submit their stories and/or art to two small publishers for consideration.  Wish I could attend!  Alas, the paying job and other life commitments get in the way once again .  Information below supplied by Ramon Gils of . Scifies Hosting Two Panels at Eternal Con It’s June in Long Island and that means Eternal Con is On! This year, we will be organizing two, count ‘em TWO, panel discussions on June 13! Careeers in Comics – Saturday @ 1pm Most everyone wants to either draw or write comics books. But there are many more capacities in which one may be involved in the industry we all love. Join us as we hear first hand from top industry professionals on ways to break in, what to break in as, and how to stay in! With special guests: Heather Antos (Marvel Comics), Maria Cabardo (DC Comics), Peter Hamboussi (DC Comics), Hunter Gorrison (Valiant Entertainment) and Heidi MacDonald (The Comics Beat). Mod

Local comics creator finally getting some recognition

EDITOR’S NOTES:  We have been following the career path of  Philadelphia resident Jamar Nicholas for several years, ever since we met him  many years ago.  He is one of the friendliest and nicest people working in indie comics today.  I cant’ think of a single person who might have a bad word to say about him.  And you’ll never hear him talking trash - - he has a way of finding the good in everything.   Prior to this, his most famous work was the comics adaptation of the biographical young adult novel  FIST STICK KNIFE GUN  (highly recommended).  Soon, his long in development project LEON, PROTECTOR OF THE PLAYGROUND will be released and is sure to gain him further notice.  In addition to his comics work, Jamar is an educator  (comics and art for young creators) and has become sought out for his viewpoints on comics, independent creators, and race issues.   Here’s an update from him, in his own words . . . . . . . . Quick update from JAMAR NICHOLAS STUDIOS:   1) MEET THE COVER Just

Free Comic Book Day 2015 Reviews: Part Eight

BOB’S BURGERS FCBD  (Dynamite Entertainment)  Various Writers and Artists.  “Bob’s Burgers” created by Loren Bouchard. COVER APPEAL 0-3 POINTS:  An infinity cover always draws attention. Some collectors covet them.  My poor eyes can only see four layers deep into this one, but it would be fun to get a giant magnifying glass and take another look.  3 points . STORY 0-3 POINTS: There are lots of stories here.  Seven, to be exact, ranging from 8 pages to just one single page. The single pagers contain sketches or simple ideas such as “Burger Of The Day Ideas” (Sixteen Canned Dills Burger, comes with extra pickles). There are 4 stories from 6-8 pages , and these do the best job of reflecting the flavor of the comedic television cartoon series. My favorites are “Louise’s Unsolved Mysteries And Curious Curiosities: Louise’s Legacy” (dealing with library book vandalism) and “Gene Belcher Present: Guys & Frogs, The Musical” (a frog infestation in the restaurant). These

Free Comic Book Day 2015 Book Reviews, Part Seven

DARK CIRCLE COMICS  (Archie Comics)  The Black Hood preview = Duane Swierczynski, writer.  Michael Gaydos, artist.  The Fox preview = Dean Haspiel and Mark Waid, writers.  Dean Haspiel, artist.  The Shield first look = Adam Christopher and Chuck Wendig, writers.  David Williams, artist. COVER APPEAL 0-3 POINTS:  The cover is simple yet very striking - - something that cover artist Franco Francavilla excels at. The Trinity like image of Dark Circle’s two male heroes at left and right flanks as if protecting the innocent and more colorful Patriot in the foreground leaves a favorable impression.  Kudos for putting an actual dark circle in the background.  3 points . STORY 0-3 POINTS: The 11-page preview of The Black Hood is by far the most interesting story here and offers plenty of reasons for readers to pick up the book and learn more: a gritty, street smart crime tale set in Philadelphia. A motorcycle cop is seriously disfigured in a gun battle where he unintentionally guns down a m

The Lunch Witch is back to serve up cookies and nasty fare

from the official press release . . . . . . . PAPERCUTZ’S LUNCH WITCH CONTINUES TO MAKE MAGIC Publisher Signs Deal For Additional Volumes of THE LUNCH WITCH series, Launches New Website It looks like Grunhilda may have found some job security after all. The title character of Deb Lucke's debut graphic novel, THE LUNCH WITCH is set to star in three more volumes from kids graphic novel publisher Papercutz. The deal, announced today by Meredith Kaffel of Defiore & Company and Terry Nantier, President of Papercutz demonstrates the publisher's commitment to original graphic novels in general and this series in particular. "THE LUNCH WITCH has been one of the highlights of our 2015 list and a cornerstone of our OGN program", explained Nantier. "After launching the series so successfully, we simply couldn't envision Grunhilda (or Deb) at another publishing house. Besides, I'm still trying to perfect her recipe for engorged tick scones. Hopefully, the old

Newest Marvel movie casting pulls a switch . . . . . . .

  Hooray for girl power! I just learned this news via Paste Magazine (online only) today . . . . . Marvel Movies has cast Tilda Swinton in the November 4, 2016 DOCTOR STRANGE film.  The ever popular Benedict Cumberbatch will play Doctor Strange and take guidance from his mentor, the Ancient One, as portrayed by Tilda Swinton. In the comics the Ancient One is a male.  This is a nice change.  I anticipate that Swinton will do a magnificent job.  She is an incredible talent with piercing features and a commanding presence.  She’s also no stranger  (ha!) to genre films, having starred in ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE and SNOWPIERCER among others.

Archie Comics Creators Come to Baltimore Comic-Con 2015

From the official press release . . . . . . BALTIMORE, MARYLAND - June 1, 2015 - Tickets are now on sale for the 2015 Baltimore Comic-Con, taking place the weekend of September 25-27 at the Baltimore Convention Center  Join us in Baltimore's beautiful Inner Harbor for a weekend of comic excitement as we welcome Archie Comics creators Francesco Francavilla, Dan Parent, Andrew Pepo y, and Jeff Shultz. Eisner and Eagle Award-winning Francesco Francavilla has found a niche in the comics industry with his noir stylings. His Afterlife with Archie from Archie Comics received a Harvey Award nomination in 2014 for Best New Series. He has also provided art on DC Comics' Detective Comics and Swamp Thing , Marvel's Black Panther: The Man Without Fear, and you will find his artwork gracing covers for Marvel's All-New Hawkeye , Master of Kung Fu , and Princess Leia , Archie's Archie vs. Predator and The Black Hood , and Dynamite Entertainment's Reanimator and The Tw