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THE EAGLE, Neil Voke's classic hero returns to comics

  from the official press release . . . . .   Baltimore, Maryland ] –  The Eagle   soars again! It’s been over twenty years since Neil Vokes’ cult classic hero Eagle has graced the paneled pages of new comics. American Mythology Productions is bringing back the indie sensation with brand new chapters to the martial arts master detective’s ongoing saga.   Created by comics icon Neil Vokes and Rich Rankin in 1986 during the original ‘80s black and white indie comic explosion, Eagle’s return to fans has been long overdue and a welcome addition to American Mythology’s rapidly expanding catalogue of titles. The new comic will follow the supernatural adventures of the vigilante Richard Eagle in his constant battle to find justice at the end of a sword.   Not only will Vokes and his new publisher be bringing one of his signature characters back to life, there are also plans to release new stories based on his  Death’s Dark Angel  (previously called  Death’s Head ) character, a dark fut

Bart Sears, Ron Marz to revive OMINOUS PRESS

SEARS AND MARZ TO REVIVE OMINOUS PRESS Artis t Bart Sears and writer Ron Marz, along with Sean HusVar and Andy Smith, will re-start Ominous Press this summer with three initial titles:  “Giantkillers” written and drawn by Sears; “Prometheus” written by Marz with art by Tom Raney; and “Demi-God” written by Marz with art by Smith.  The colorist on all three books will be Nanjan Jamberi.  Ominous Press will launch June 17-  June 19 at HeroesCon in Charlotte, North Carolina. There is a detailed interview with the founders on the Comic Book Resources website here . . . . .  

Scuttlebutt # 5 for April 2016

VERTIGO SCHEDULED FOR “RESTRUCTURING" VERTIGO, the mature cutting-edge arm of DC Entertainment, is scheduled for a re-evaluation and re-boot, according to a company statement recently revealed by the Comic Book Resources (CBR) website. Long time editor Shelly Bond will not be part of the process, and her position as Vertigo Executive Editor has been eliminated.     We have a bad feeling about this, based on some DC statements establishing “the goal is to keep competitive and stay relevant in the changing marketplace, and to set the business up for future success.”  The last part of that statement usually does not bode well for indie creative endeavors.  No matter.  While VERTIGO will always have a fond place in our hearts for introducing TRANSMETROPOLITAN, PREACHER, SANDMAN, 100 BULLETS, FABLES, Y: THE LAST MAN and many others, of late the offerings have been not up to the quality standards of those previous works. The single current exception to that is THE SHERIFF OF BABYLON w

JESSICA JONES series wins Peabody Award

EDITOR’S NOTE:  When it comes to comparing Marvel television series, the Netflix shows crush the ABC network offerings.  As a new viewer to Netflix, we are five episodes into the first season of JESSICA JONES and loving it.  This show gets better with every episode.  A well deserved award.  Also enjoying both seasons of DAREDEVIL (my favorite), and non-superhero shows HOUSE OF CARDS and PEAKY BLINDERS.   from the official press release . . . . . . . . .  “Marvel’s Jessica Jones” has walked away a winner in the 75th Annual Peabody Awards! Earning its prize in the Entertainment category, the first time Marvel has won the prestigious award. Held every year to celebrate the best in broadcast entertainment, news, and education, the Peabody Awards represent the best each form has to offer. "We are all so tremendously grateful. Starting with Melissa Rosenberg, our incredible writers and producers, Krysten Ritter and David Tennant and our wonderful cast, the talented crew and everyo

History of Daenarys (Game of Thrones) in just a few minutes

The season 6 premiere of  Game of Thrones  is only one day away!  To celebrate, Penguin Random House put together this fun  stop motion video  on Daenarys Stormborn, the Mother of Dragons. Click the link below . . . . . . . You can read a nice recap of the series to date at the New York Times here . . . . . . .

SEVEN SEAS digital manga available through COMIXOLOGY

from the official press release . . . . . . April 20, 2016 — New York, NY—  Seven Seas, comiXology and Amazon announced today an expanded and renewed distribution agreement to sell Seven Seas’ digital manga across the comixology platform  and extend the distribution of Seven Seas’ library to the Amazon Kindle store Today’s announcement sees the debut of Seven Seas’ continuously expanding digital catalog in the Kindle Store including such hits as  Magika Swordsman and Summoner , Servamp, Haganai: I Don't Have Many Friends  and more. "The way readers purchase and read their manga is always evolving, and having books on comiXology has been a great way to extend the availability of our series—not only to manga fans, but to comiXology's diverse community of readers as a whole," said Seven Seas’ representative, Lissa Pattillo. "We feel it's a natural s

Differences between comics' CIVIL WAR and upcoming movie CIVIL WAR

EDITOR’S NOTE:  There is a very well-researched article on the Comic Book Resources website regarding the upcoming Marvel CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR movie.  If the movie is only half as good as the 2006 limited series was, then it should be a vastly entertaining film.  In our opinion, the best two Marvel series of the 21st Century are CIVIL WAR and SECRET INVASION.   Granted, there are differences in characters between the comics and the movies.  So we should not expect the exact same situation or outcome.  There were also a large number of characters that took sides in the Marvel comics version; while there will be only those characters who have already been introduced in film (or about to be introduced) in the movie version. Also, the rationale and spark plug for registering super-heroes with the government differs.   We are looking forward to the movie. In the meantime, we can read this compelling comparison . . . . . . . .

Voting open for 2015 INK WELL AWARDS

  from the official press release . . . . . . . . The Inkwell Awards, a non-profit organization devoted to the education and promotion of the art of comic book inking, invites everyone to vote for the industry’s best of the past year. The official public ballot will be available on the Inkwell Awards’ homepage from April 15 through April 30.  Voting is open to everyone, whether fans or professionals. Besides “Favorite Inker,” categories include “Most Adaptable,” “PROPS” (inkers deserving more attention), the “S.P.A.M.I.” (Small Press And Mainstream Independent) and “All-In-One” for pencillers who ink their own work. As a courtesy, the ballot also lists the nominees for the Joe Sinnott Hall of Fame (“HoF”) and the Special Recognition Award (SRA) lifetime achievement awards for an outstanding inking career of 25 or more years in American comics, whose winners are chosen by an internal HoF committee to avoid a “popularity contest” where recent names have more influence than past master

Kickstarter worth checking out: THE RAVENING

EDITOR’S NOTES:  From time to time we will sort through the numerous Kickstarter campaigns for new comic books and select those we feel are worth checking out.  Please note that this book is intended for mature audiences only.  THE RAVENING boasts some amazing art  (check out the web page) and an intriguing storyline.   With 12 days left in the fundraising campaign and just several hundred dollars shy of the goal, this looks like a sure thing.  Rewards are promised within four months of the campaign completion. The creative team also has some stretch goals  for funds in excess of the goal, including expanding the first issue to 48 pages. You can view the art and get more details about the various funding levels here:      

Moonstone partners with Radio Archives for audiobooks

F ROM THE OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE . . . . .   Moonstone, one of the longest lasting alternative publishers on the comics and new pulp scene, has been producing quality books meant to be read, for almost 20 years. What started out as an avenue for some projects to get published that had a home with a publisher that never got off the ground, the once reluctant little company that could, continues to find new ways to get underserved characters and readers back into the fold.   Moonstone has been the home of many familiar properties like Kolchak the Night stalker, The Avenger, Buckaroo Banzai, Zorro, The Green Hornet, The Phantom, and so many more. It has been the home for many a wayward hero who had not seen the public spotlight as much as they deserved. From comics, to novels, to prose anthologies…everything “from the dark side…to the light”, Moonstone has had the distinct honor to work with some of the top creators in comics and prose, over 1000 storytellers worldwide. We thank them

Another Reason to Like Warren Ellis

TPB:  The Invincible Iron Man: Extremis Vol. 1 (#1-6) Writer:  Warren Ellis Artist: Adi Granov Price:  $14.99 I have never collected Iron Man books and he’s never been one of the characters I’ve particularly cared about.  Fortunately, even someone who has never even heard of Iron Man before can pick up and enjoy Extremis.  Warren Ellis succeeds in creating a new origin story for the character (one that was later adapted for the first Iron Man movie) and augmenting his suit’s powers.  Extremis has since been adapted to a motion comic and has been hailed as one of the best Iron Man arcs in years.  A biomedical device that can create super soldiers has gone missing and Tony Stark is called in to help find it.  The narrative of Tony’s life up to this point unfolds organically through a conversation between him and two colleagues, as the talk wheels around from philosophy to psychedelics.  However, you won’t need a bucket of hallucinogenics (the unit of measurement known in t