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Shane Talks Previews: July 2009 - Independents

Time for my final (and delayed) post, talking about every company besides DC and Marvel, where I'll tell you all about the comics you aren't paying attention to (but should be anyway!) POE   #1 (BOOM! Studios) Why Should I Care?:  Because anything with Edgar Allan Poe is infinitely more interesting.  Dean Kotz, the artist, is also an incredibly talented local whose art is absolutely perfect for a book like this--you can take a look at some of his samples here. The Muppet Show: Treasure of Peg Leg Wilson #1 (BOOM! Studios) Why Should I Care? : Because the first Muppet miniseries BOOM! published was basically hailed as amazing , and this is just the next chapter by the same writer/artist.  BOOM! is doing great with licensed properties right now, and by all indications, this is the best of the bunch. Creepy Comics #1 (Dark Horse) Why Should I Care? : Creepy was a rather famous horror anthology published way back when by Warren Publishing, before ultimately dying due to bankrup

Road Trip!


Where to buy our comics now

If you made it to Bill's BC Closure party last Saturday you would have heard some interesting and engaging conversation on the topic of where to buy comics now. Dan mentioned going to Showcase Comics (I think I got the name right) in Bryn Mawr. The shop inside Granite Run Mall was also mentioned. (I've been there in the past and I just can't remember the name). Several in our group have been to "West Chester Comics" (I know that's not right either, but you know which place I'm talking about) but the owner seemed indifferent and lazy (by 3:30 p.m. he still didn't have the Wednesday new books out on the shelves and wasn't in any hurry to do so). And Aaron found a place with no personality, that seemed in a hurry to have him pay for his books and leave asap. Some of us are going online to buy from Amazon, etc. and concentrating on just purchasing trade editions now instead of single issues. There was even some discussion about Gary's propo

Shane Talks Previews: July 2009 - Marvel Comics

I haven't been following Marvel as closely lately, so what I see here may not be the big items other people are seeing, so if there's something special, please, point it out to me! Unfortunately, Marvel's website doesn't have the great solicit format DC's does, so the images here won't be as good.  Sorry! Back when the thrice-monthly schedule was announced, people quickly figured out that we'd be rapidly approaching issue six hundred, and it's finally here, with  plenty of events.  s you can see, major returns with  major creative teams, and best of all, as they're sure to note-- no reprints .  Too many of these anniversary specials force you to spend extra money for material you already own, and I'm so very, very glad to see that's not the case here.  And really, five dollars for a over a hundred pages of material?  That's great stuff. July's other #600 issue.  There are people that aren't fond of the renumbering, but I'm a

Jeff’s Reviews: Week of 4/22/09, Part 1

I’m still busy with work, so I haven’t had a lot of time this week, but I’ll go through what I’ve read (and watched) so far and do another post later. Iron Man: Armored Adventures (Nicktoons, Fridays @ 7pm): I saw the first 2 episodes of this on the Internet a few months ago after they aired in Canada and I didn’t care for it, but I watched it again when it premiered here this week and I liked it better the second time. I’m still not in love with the “Teen Tony” idea, and the computer animation is still a little stiff (though it has improved a lot since the MTV Spider-Man series a few years back) but the writing is pretty good. Kids will probably like this more than adults, but I plan to keep watching it for now. (Write your own joke about my maturity level here.) Doctor Who: The Forgotten TPB : This is mainly of interest to long time fans of the TV show, but I mention it here because it is artist Pia Guerra’s first published work since Y: The Last Man ended. Unfortunately, she cou

A new space for reviews

Hello everyone . . . . Jeff has invited us to join the BC Refugee Blog as fellow posters/reviewers - - and now I'm in! It was much easier to get here than I thought it would be. I don't have anything to write about at this time. I just wanted to test the waters and see how this works. I plan to post my thoughts on the newer books right here. . . and for awhile at least I'll probably send an email out to the comics chat email address for anything that's not so new that I want to comment on . . . and I certainly have a backlog of older titles waiting for me. Right now I want to read Jeff and Shane's reviews. Shane, I hope you can share with us how you inserted those images into your review. What a great enhancement!!! Hope all is well with everyone . . . . . . . . . mike

Shane Talks Previews: July 2009 - DC Comics

I figured, I'm probably not going to be able to contribute reviews for awhile, but this blog needs discussion, and this was one of the things we did at the store, so here it is--I'll highlight some of the "big things" from each month's Previews.  Some of it will be the standard "Here's the main event", or "Here's a new series you should check out", but it'll also include collections that I find interesting, or graphic novels, or a book that's just criminally underrated.  Because I'll be including pictures, I'll do this in three segments--one for DC, one for Marvel, and one for everything else.  If I didn't, it would be insanely long.  I can always change it later if necessary, though. Alright!  Here we go. Blackest Night #1 (of 8) DC begins their summer event, Blackest Night.  I'm a bit surprised to see it at eight issues over the seven that Final Crisis got, but then again, Ivan Reis is a much faster artist than

Jeff's Reviews: Week of 4/15/2009

Welcome former BC Exton customers! This will be a work in progress, but my plan for now is to write a brief paragraph about the comics and/or books I read each week, and hopefully some fun discussions will happen below. Since I don’t know yet whether people have found another weekly source for comics (or have switched to trades), I’ll try to have minimal spoilers in what I write and please try to avoid them in the comments too. Later, if it doesn’t bother anybody maybe we’ll open up the discussions to explicit plot points. Off we go, in no particular order… SECRET INVASION AFTERMATH: BETA RAY BILL – THE GREEN OF EDEN #1: Yes, that’s the actual title. There’s nothing particularly wrong with this book, and I like the idea of exploring how the religious factions of the Skrulls are dealing with the failure of their god, but it’s kind of pointless from Bill’s point of view. He’s worshipped by a bunch of Skrulls, and then he isn’t, and then there’s an ad for the next one-shot. D