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I’m not going to dwell on the real world here (not my expertise), just share some high points of 2017 from the BC Refugees blog . . . . . .   It was a busy year for BC Refugees, with 383 articles posted to the site in 2017.          The big majority of those were news releases and special previews from various publishers, as detailed below. We don’t post every single press release received, just the ones I believe will be of interest to my readers.  Of course, some publishers send me more content than others.  Some send me nothing.                               These included: Valiant Entertainment (70 posts), IDW Publishing (69), Papercutz (11), Alterna (9), Comixology (7), Aazurn/Gary Scott Beatty (6), Amigo (5), ComixTribe (4), Tidal Wave (3), Pro Se Press (3), Sequart Org (3), Marvel (3), Aftershock (2), Devils Due (2), Tinto Press (1), Ramon Gil (1), Chapterhouse (1), Red Stylo Media (1), American Mythology (1), Starwarp Concepts (1), and Lotus Enterprises (1).     I also