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Comic Review: WOLF COP from Dynamite Entertainment

WOLFCOP #1  (Dynamite Entertainment, October 26 release date)  Writer: Max Marks. Art: Arcana Studios. Jus t in time for Halloween, WOLF COP brings all the blood and gore a thirsty little trick-or-treater could wants to drink and eat.  Actually, keep this book away from the little ones. This is for mature audiences only.  In addition to the graphic violence, the characters all swear like pirates.    If the cover looks like a reproduction of a movie poster, there’s a good reason for that.  WOLF COP began as a 2014 independent Canadian film, gained a following, and birthed a recent sequel in ANOTHER WOLF COP.  Go to  for all the details on the film.   WOLF COP the movie continues the adventures of Lou Garou (get the canine reference?), a Canadian police officer turned werewolf.  The comic dispenses with any background information or origin story, and gets right to the action.  Garou and his buddy Willie are on the run in a banged-up squad car.  Garou is a serio

Sneak Peek: KOMANDAR BLOODSHOT from Valiant

First Look: DIVINITY III: KOMANDAR BLOODSHOT #1 Fights Freedom with Jeff Lemire & Clayton Crain in December! This December, the world you know is gone… Welcome to the Stalinverse, comrade! Valiant is proud to present an advance preview of  DIVINITY III: KOMANDAR BLOODSHOT #1  – the first of four essential, one-shot specials chronicling the history behind the brave new world that has reordered the Valiant Universe as we know it in the pages of  DIVINITY III: STALINVERSE ! On  December 28th , find out how Valiant’s blood-stained icon marched to the forefront of the global Soviet war machine as New York Times best-selling writer  Jeff Lemire  (BLOODSHOT REBORN,  Death of X ) and superstar artist  Clayton Crain  (4001 A.D.) re-assign the KGB’s deadliest covert operative from Mother Russia to the mountains of Colorado to eliminate a freedom-fighting terror cell charged with spreading the infection of American patriotism!  He’s put down protests, led the purge of political undesirables,

Rating system explained for comics reviewed in October

EDITOR’S NOTE :  To many readers, it may appear that BC Refugees has morphed into a news and information site. We are honored that so many publishers are keeping us in the loop so we can inform our readers of upcoming projects.  However, we still intend to concentrate on our core mission:  to bring to attention creators and works that are perhaps not receiving as much publicity as they deserve.  Our recent Previews Pre-Order picks is a step in that direction.  (Yes, we still intend to spotlight work from the major publishers as well - - as long as it merits the attention.)  We’ve been trying to return to posting more reviews of comics on the site, and have been delayed several times.  It’s a cliche, but the shortest explanation is to just say that  “life gets in the way.”  Nevertheless, we will keep trying.  The new ratings system is just a method to make it easier to post reviews, by following a template.  It should also make it easier for readers to decide if they want to pick up the

Comics Review: BLOODSHOT U.S.A. #1

BLOODSHOT U.S.A. #1of 4  (Valiant Entertainment, October 26 release date)  Written by Jeff Lemire.  Art by Doug Braithwaite.  Colors by Brian Weber.  Letters by Dave Lamphear.  Covers by Kano, Doug Braithwaite, Dave Johnson, Ryan Stegman, Cully H amner and Butch Guice.  32 pages. Rated T+.  $3.99.     This book grabs the reader beginning with the very first page. Once the brief introduction and set-up is finished, Lemire’s story engages in high gear.  If the dialogue revealing the conflict doesn’t command attention, the art certainly will.  This is some of Braithwaite’s finest work, and that is something special.  EDITOR’S NOTE:   There are some spoilers in this review. We’re not going to re-cap the whole story and tell you what the surprises are, but we do cover the main conflict and some plot details. It should not limit your enjoyment of the book.  However, if you would rather find out for yourself, just take our recommendation and buy this book.  The story opens one year ago, in

Indie Creator Preview: ANDY BENNETT

EDITOR’S NOTE: Here’s occasional guest writer Gary Scott Beatty with another preview featuring an indie creator . . . . . Strange Horror is Coming — in January!   I’m teaming with Mark Bloodworth and Andy Bennett for three stories of fright beyond the ordinary!  Meanwhile, below, an exclusive look at a few panels from the story drawn by  Alarming Andy Bennett: The Devouring! Andy has illustrated for Caliber Comics, Moonstone Books, BOOM! Studios and IDW books. His clients for design, illustration, and sequential art have included PBS, Dreamworks, Cartoon Network, Marvel Comics, DC Comics and many more.  Send this to three friends!  They can sign up for the Aazurn Fan List for more news and freebies here:

Grab a PREVIEWS copy this Wednesday, October 26

EDITOR’S NOTE:  We continue efforts to persuade readers to obtain a copy of the monthly PREVIEWS catalog and let their local comics shop now what books they want to purchase in two months.  (The November issue of Previews features books to be released during January 2017).  It’s the best way to make proper use of the current business model and help your local comic shop avoid shortages or over-ordering (both impact on sales and profit).  Let’s make sure there are local comic stores for generations to come.  If you need further incentive, here’s a look at what else makes up the new issue of PREVIEWS, due on comic store shelves this Wednesday, October 26 . . . . . . Diamond Announces Contents of the November 2016 PREVIEWS     Bruce Timm Covers PREVIEWS with DC Entertainment’s Kamandi Challenge (BALTIMORE, MD) — (October 19, 2016) — The November edition of Diamond Comic Distributors’ monthly PREVIEWS catalog arrives in comic shops on October 26th and features comic books, graphi

Valiant promotes new series with special giveaways

from the official Valiant Entertainment press release . . . . . . . Valiant’s HARBINGER RENEGADE Storms into Comic Shops with Mind-Bending Promotional Items Fall’s Biggest Ongoing Series Launch Recruits Fans and Retailers with Standees, Posters, Sales Bags, and More!      They’re inside your towns… Inside your schools… Inside you minds…And now they’re coming to a local comic shop near you!  Valiant is proud to unveil a staggering amount of free promotional items coming to comic shops everywhere for  HARBINGER RENEGADE #1 , the  FIRST ISSUE  of the  ALL-NEW ONGOING SERIES that will begin the march toward the biggest Valiant event of all time:  HARBINGER WARS 2 ! Join multiple Harvey Award-nominated writer  Rafer Roberts  ( Plastic Farm ) and superstar artists  Darick Robertson  ( Transmetropolitan ,  The Boys ) – plus special guest contributors  Juan Jose Ryp (BRITANNIA) and  Raul Allen  (WRATH OF THE ETERNAL WARRIOR) – as they lay the groundwork for the essential Valiant debut of 201

THE FIFTH BEATLE expanded edition and soundtrack

EDITOR’S NOTE:  There’s a lot of news lately regarding the graphic novel biography of The Beatle’s first manager, Brian Epstein.  It ranks among the best examples of using the visual format of comics to tell an engaging biography of a music trailblazer and belongs in the library of all Beatles fans.  We have a hardcover deluxe edition, but the new features in the new softcover are tempting.  Here’s more information from the source, along with many links to learn and hear more . . . . . .     Fifth Beatle Expanded Edition + Soundtrack Available Now! WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 19 . . . Now even fab-er!  The Fifth Beatle  Expanded Edition paperback   ( ) hits   comics stores today, along with  The Fifth Beatle Soundtrack  on Spotify at

STRANGE HORROR debuts in January 2017

EDITOR’S NOTE:  Here’s another update from our friend Gary Scott Beatty, a very busy comics creator/publisher . . . . . . .   Strange Horror is Coming — in January!   I’m teaming with Mark Bloodworth and Andy Bennett for three stories of fright beyond the ordinary! Keep reading these emails for details! Meanwhile, below, an exclusive look at a few panels from the story drawn by me, Goulish Gary Scott Beatty:  Wounds! As you know, Bleeding Cool called my comic, Number One, one of the best indie comics of 2014. I had a riot writing the three stories in Strange Horror — fast paced, trippin’ and spooky! Read how I developed Wounds’ “curse of the waking dream” writing style in future posts! Send this to three friends!  They can sign up for the Aazurn Fan List for more news and freebies here: Don’t forget to order Indie Comics #3 in October’s Previews this month!   http://www.previewsworld.c

COZ CON features cosplay and more this Saturday

EDITOR’S NOTE:  Looking for something different this weekend.  Check out the Coz Con in Newark, DE. The Galactic Con Family of Events Next Event: Oct. 22 COZ CON   Coz Con is this weekend! We hope to see you there. OCTOBER 22 10AM - 4PM Del Tech, Newark Directions GET TICKETS MARKETPLACE COZ CON   Coz Con is almost here! We hope you stop by to check it out. We will have a cosplay contest with cash prizes! GREAT FAMILY FUN! Kids 12 & under are free! Indoor trick-or-treat for the kids. Comic Con style marketplace with vendors, artists and more. Bring you old costumes, cosplay and


EDITOR’S NOTE:  It’s great to see a monthly book being illustrated by Darick Robertson again.  Writer Rafer Roberts is proving to me a new writer of note with his work at Valiant. from the official Valiant press release . . . . . Valiant’s HARBINGER RENEGADES #1 Expands to 40 Epic Pages with Artists Raul Allen and Juan Jose Ryp – On Sale November 16th! Two Valiant-Exclusive Superstars Join Debut of Rafer Roberts & Darick Roberston’s Staggering New Ongoing Series Launch HARBINGER RENEGADES #1 is the can't-miss Valiant debut of 2016! And now the most anticipated new series of the fall is getting even bigger with a massive 40-page first issue packed with more all-star talents, can’t-miss first appearances and monumental revelations than ever before! Valiant is proud to announce that  HARBINGER RENEGADES #1  – the  FIRST ISSUE  of the all-new ongoing series from multiple Harvey Award nominee  Rafer Roberts  ( Plastic Farm ) and superstar artist  Darick Robertson  ( The Boys,