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A work in progress - - bringing FINN McCOOL to comics and film

  . . . . . . material compiled from press release , the official site, and fundraising site                                                                                                                                                                                                                      The website introduces the fundraising campaign with this statement . . . . .                                                                                                                                                                                     “You’ve seen Braveheart , Highlander, Rob Roy , and Brave - - - all great stories and ALL Scottish.   Now, cometh the Irish . . . cometh the heroes . . . The time has come for the greatest hero Ireland ever knew to awaken, and with him the ancient Gods and Goddesses of the underworld, the realm of faery, the sidhe.  Finn sends out a timeless call to the wild, to re-forge the Fianna of old and live again as the righful protectors o

Indie Update: EVIL JESTER COMICS ready to debut

EDITOR’S NOTE:   I currently receive between 6-10 invitations per month to contribute to various start-up independent creations via Kickstarter, Indie-Go-Go and other fund-raising efforts through social media.  I’m not a venture capitalist by any means (my disposable income is not the stuff of dreams), but it’s great to be able to contribute small amounts to worthy endeavors.  One of those was EVIL JESTER COMICS , and it didn’t come easy for the publishers.  I’m very happy to share this update with you. . . . . The much anticipated first comic book release from Evil Jester Comics will become available to its’ fundraising backers beginning December 7, 2013.  EVIL JESTER PRESENTS promises gorgeous artwork and tales from the mind of best-selling and award-winning authors.  The first issue should become available for purchase shortly after that.  Check for updates. Company founders Charles Day and Taylor Grant report that they have finalized the d etails on fo

Advance Preview: Legendary debuts new title

compiled from official press releases . . . . . . . . Inspired by the famous verse - - “I walk through the Valley Of the Shadow Of Death” - - a new graphic novel from Legendary Comics   attempts to answer the question of “what if this ‘Valley’ was actually a top-secret location on Earth?  An elite team of Sepc-Ops soldiers will find out on  November 27 th , the release date of SHADOW WALK .   The creative team behind the book has some impressive credentials:  Mark Waid ( Daredevil, Kingdom Come ); Max Brooks ( World War Z, Extinction Parade ); and Shane Davis ( Superman: Earth One ). Here is a short synopsis of SHADOW WALK: "I Walk Through The Valley Of The Shadow of Death..." Is the Valley of the Shadow of Death a metaphor or could it actually be a real place?   Three separate paranormal incidents over the last century, in a valley near modern day Iraq, seem to give credence to these claims.   When satellite photos taken over the area  hint at a dangerous new energy s

THE OTHER DEAD - - Revenge of the Animal Kingdom

THE OTHER DEAD #3 of 6 (IDW Publishing, release date November 13, 2013) Writer / Co-Creator: Joshua Ortega. Co-Creator: Digger T Mesch. Art: Quing Ping Mui. Colors: Blond. Letters: Tom B. Long. Edits: Tom Waltz. Creative Consultant: Kevin Eastman. Based on a film treatment by Digger T Mesch. Covers by Sam Shearon, Shane White, Kevin Eastman & David Millgate. After three issues of THE OTHER DEAD the half-way point in this grisly but gripping saga of a zombie plague has been reached. Events have been heating up to a boiling point. The furious and savage attacks by various species of the animal kingdom against humanity are now widespread, especially in the state of Louisiana which seems to be the epicenter. With a hurricane threatening to accelerate the devastation and isolation even further, Issue #4 should be on absolute fire and ready to explode. That leaves two remaining issues to bring everything to a resolution or conclusi

ADVANCE PREVIEW: Valiant gets bold with UNITY

  UNITY #1 (Valiant, November 2013) Matt Kindt, writer. Doug Braithwaite, artist.           If you are one of the few readers who still haven’t sampled a Valiant book, then UNITY represents the “perfect entry point” into one of the most cohesive and interesting comics universes that your hard-earned dollars can help support.  The first issue debuts this Wednesday, November 13, and offers 40 pages of good reasons to validate your decision to investigate further.           There’s also no need to spend time reading back issues in order to understand what is happening in the book.  The back side of the cover offers six short panels with symbolic designs that summarize Aric’s origins (from X-O MANOWAR ) and outline the present conflict (from both X-O MANOWAR and HARBINGER ).  That brings readers up to speed so that they can jump right into the new story beginning on Page One.  (Of course, there are trade paperback editions available for those who decide they want more details of those

Post-Halloween Readings: Zombies and Werewolves

THE OTHER DEAD #2 (IDW, release date October 23, 2013) Writer / Co-Creator: Joshua Ortega. Co-Creator: Digger T Mesch. Art: Quing Ping Mui. Colors: Blond. Letters: Tom B. Long. Edits: Tom Waltz. Creative Consultant: Kevin Eastman. Based on a film treatment by Digger T Mesch. Covers by Qing Ping Mui & Blond; RI and Samwise Didier; Kevin Eastman & David Millgate + Blond.           The Mui cover should get the most attention this time, and rightly so. In great detail a pack of bloody infected dogs chew on the scenery including the American Flag.   The backdrop features a distraught President and advisor, while our main characters look for new, safer destinations.    The symbolism speaks for itself, perhaps hinting at an inevitable conclusion to this mini-series.           So far, the variant covers by Kevin Eastman have been the least interesting.  That doesn’t mean they are awful or not worth collecting.  On the contrary, the Eastman covers are very colorf