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A Spider-man Fever Dream

TPB:  Spider-Man Reign Writer:  Kaare Andrews Artist: Kaare Andrews Price:  $14.99 On my first ever From The Booth show, Randal asked me if I had ever stopped collecting comics and if so, what comic got me collecting again.  My answer was yes I had and the comic that got me back in (along with a lot of other people, I imagine) was The Dark Knight Returns. It’s easy to see why it’s so popular. Our heroes are usually mortal and mortal beings age and become weak.  It’s an inevitability that we try to avoid in telling their stories.  Batman was 29 years old for several decades and Spider-man stopped aging around his 30 th birthday as well.  Spider-man: Reign is an attempt to look at what happens to Peter Parker years after he’s burned the costume in the trashcan for what should have been the final time.  In this future, a tyrannical government has overtaken New York City and Reign troops terrorize the populace.  Parker is now a senior citizen eking out a meager existence wo

Tales Of The Valiant web comic debuts today at IGN

EDITOR’S NOTE:  This new four-part web comic begins today and runs every Wednesday. If you are a regular reader of Valiant titles, then this may have less value to you than a newcomer. If you are just beginning to explore the Valiant universe, you should consider this essential.  Why not follow it, since it’s free.  More details below, including a link to the IGN site . . . . from the official press release . . . . . . This December, a battle ten millennia in the making begins in THE VALIANT #1 by New York Times best-selling writers Jeff Lemire & Matt Kindt and Eisner Award-winning artist Paolo Rivera …but, first, meet the blockbuster heroes behind THE VALIANT in a new weekly webcomic exclusively at IGN !   Valiant is proud to announce IGN PRESENTS TALES OF THE VALIANT – an all-new, four-part webcomic counting down to the release of THE VALIANT #1 by New York Times best-selling writer Matt Kindt (THE VALIANT, RAI) and Harvey Award-nominated rising star Pere Perez (HAR

Moonstone continues pulp exploration in hardcover fiction

  Upcoming book release scheduled for March 2015 . . . . . . . . . . DAY OF THE DESTROYERS: Jimmie Flint, Agent X-11 must save America Authors: Ron Fortier, Adam Lance Garcia, Gary Phillips, Paul Bishop, Eric Fein, Tommy Hancock, Aaron Shaps, & Joe Gentile.   Cover : Fernando Ferreiro 6” x 9”, sc, 276pgs, $13.95     ISBN: 978-1-936814-79-4(51395) Based on a real historical event during the Roosevelt administration. Guest starring pulp heroes The Green Lama , The Phantom Detective , and The Black Bat. Day of the Destroyers is an all-original linked prose anthology - each story is part of a larger arc wherein Jimmie Flint, Secret Agent X-11 of the Intelligence Service Command, battles to prevent the seditionist Medusa Council from engineering a bloody coup overthrowing our democracy. Agent X-11 fights across the country preventing an aerial assault on Chicago’s rail lines, destroying a secret factory of gas meant to enthrall millions in New Mexico, racing to stop a machin

Special Advance Preview: THE VALIANT 4 issue mini-series

EDITOR’S NOTE:  There has been a mountain of pre-publicity, including a ton of  stunning artwork, released in advance of Issue #1 of THE VALIANT coming in December.  You can tell it’s a book that the brain trust at Valiant Entertainment are excited to talk about, based on the press releases, blogs and interviews.  We anticipate THE VALIANT will be worth the hype, based on the creative team and what’s been revealed about the storyline so far.  BC REFUGEES was given an advance look at the first issue, and we encourage you to pick up a copy.  We’ll try to cover the high points for you without spoiling too much of the details . . . . . . . . Official Video Trailer for THE VALIANT #1 THE VALIANT #1 (of 4):  (Valiant Next, December 10, 2014 release date)  Written by Jeff Lemire and Matt Kindt.  Art by Paolo Rivera.  Covers by Rivera, Lemire & Kindt, and Francesco Francavilla.          What makes THE VALIANT extra special and deserving of your time?   Why is it considered such a “mil

Advance Look: IVAR, TIMEWALKER from Valiant Comics

Editor’s Note: Valiant continues to put out high quality books.  I expect nothing less than a great story and art every time and am rarely disappointed. This looks like another winner.  Take a look at some of the awesome art and covers . . . . from the official press release . . . . . Prehistoric empires! Dystopian futures! And everywhere in between! Valiant is proud to present your first look inside IVAR, TIMEWALKER #1 – the FIRST ISSUE of the VALIANT NEXT ongoing series by New York Times best-selling creators Fred Van Lente and Clayton Henry !  From the award-winning creative team that brought you ARCHER & ARMSTRONG , start an all-new adventure right here on January 21st as the mysterious Ivar Anni-Padda launches into a centuries-spanning race against the clock! At this very moment in Geneva, Switzerland, history is being made.  A thousand meters underground inside the Large Hadron Collider, researcher Neela Sethi is about to discover time travel – and jeopardize her li