BC Rating System explained for comics to be reviewed in November

EDITOR’S NOTE:  To many readers, it may appear that BC Refugees has morphed into a news and information site. We are honored that so many publishers are keeping us in the loop so we can inform our readers of upcoming projects.  However, we still intend to concentrate on our core mission:  to bring to attention creators and works that are perhaps not receiving as much publicity as they deserve.  Our recent Previews Pre-Order picks is a step in that direction.  (Yes, we still intend to spotlight work from the major publishers as well - - as long as it merits the attention.)  We’ve been trying to return to posting more reviews of comics on the site, and have been delayed several times.  It’s a cliche, but the shortest explanation is to just say that  “life gets in the way.”  Nevertheless, we will keep trying.  The new ratings system is just a method to make it easier to post reviews, by following a template.  It should also make it easier for readers to decide if they want to pick up the titles we are writing about.    Here are the specifics:

We’ll begin using a RATING SYSTEM of 10+ points, as detailed below.

STORY: Is the story well-told?  Does it engage the reader?  How original is it?  Is it one-dimensional or multi-faceted?  Possible 0-3 points.

ART:  Is the art engaging?  Does it assist in story-telling?  Is it clear or confusing? Is it complex or simple?  Possible 0-3 points.

COVER:  Does the cover have eye appeal?  Does it reflect the contents?  Does it create curiosity?  Possible 0-2 points. 

READ AGAIN?:  Is it worth a second reading? Yes or No.  Possible 0-1 point.

RECOMMEND?:  Would we recommend it to readers?  Yes or No.  Possible 0-1 point. 

KEEPER?: Is it different enough to stand apart from the pack in a meaningful way?  Is it a classic example of the form or genre?  In other words, would it be included in our Desert Island Long Box?  Yes or No.  Possible 1+ Bonus Point. 

Any title getting 11 points in this system is absolute perfection — you must have a copy for your collection!  (Thanks to Spinal Tap for giving us the idea for this - - - “our amplifiers go to 11!”)

So, if you’re just looking for something new to read, and we’ve rated a book at 7 points, it could be what you would like.

If we’ve rated a book at 8 points, it’s definitely premium quality.

Anything we rate over 8 points, is something you should be calling your comic store to hold a copy for you.

Please check out some of our upcoming reviews, and send us some feedback / comments.



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