MARTIANS VS. UNICORNS fundraising kicks off

EDITOR’S NOTE:   Sooner or later, we knew some creator would get around to writing a parody of MY LITTLE PONY.  This is as close as it gets.  If you want to get in on the fun, see the details below . . . . . .

FROM THE DARK MATTER press release . . . . .

Finally! A comic that answers the age-old question: 

What if unicorns "accidentally" killed all the life on Mars and that's why it's a barren lifeless wasteland today?  

Last year writer James R. Tramontana released Vikings vs. Unicorns, a comic that laid the framework for a long hidden truth: unicorns are evil bastards. 
Now's your chance to find out what happened BEFORE the unicorns came to Earth. 

A new Kickstarter has launched today for Martians vs. Unicorns! Rewards range from $1 for a thank you to $250 for two pages of original penciled/inked artwork from the comic. In between are rewards for digital/print comics, t-shirts, stickers and more. All bursting with technicolor bloody awesomeness.

View the details on the campaign at:

Early Bird Reward For First Week

Starting today there is an early bird special reward where you can get the print edition for just $5! 

This ain't no kids' comic.

This is a foul-mouthed violent satirical hayride dripping with the blood of slaughtered innocents. Fun! 

Written by James R. Tramontana
Art by Alex Dealey
Additional Shading by Melanie Collins
Lettered by James R. Tramontana
Edited by Bjay Johnson

The Campaign Video Features Voices and Music by James R. Tramontana.  View it here:






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