STRANGE HORROR Kicks Off on January 17

EDITOR’S NOTE: It’s been awhile since we’ve heard from our infrequent guest columnist Gary Scott Beatty on all matters indie comics.  He’s been busy getting STRANGE HORROR, his newest project ready to unveil .  Check out the details below . . . . . .
Strange Horror is Coming to Kickstarter 1-17-17

Written and illustrated by me, Wounds is one of three stories serialized in Strange Horror #1, #2 and #3. Check out the preview pages below, and listen to me being interviewed about Wounds in a video!

Plus, Strange Horror could be the first comic book Kickstarter with an Original Music Soundtrack download level! Check out the video preview of one of the songs in the full-length soundtrack download: Madness!

If you like figuring things out, Wounds is the story for you, written in an “eternal waking” style that’s guaranteed to keep you guessing. Is it one man’s descent into madness as he attempts to save his family from a zombie apocalypse? Or something more?

CLICK here for video:

CLICK for video!



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