Bibliorati: a new site for discovering fiction and publishing

To Our Readers:


     Somewhere around January 15, 2017 there will be a new place for readers to connect with Writers and discover new and older works while keeping up with the latest in publishing and reading news.  

That place is Bibliorati.


     Bibliorati will feature daily news from publishers and authors, from the brand new to the old guard, and will als15873346 1735817613403936 7478457935937530481 no reach out to readers through writers of today. From reviews to interviews to articles on a particular aspect of books or genre or reading - - writers and readers alike will introduce readers, brand new as well as lifelong practitioners of the art, to new vistas, raising awareness of works by current authors and publishers today as well as revealing past works that readers may enjoy.

     Bibliorati is where readers can find out about books, genres, authors, and publishers they may not be aware of and want to support. 

     Contributors to the site will enrich readers, sending them in new directions.

     It is also where Publishers and Writers may find one another, where audiences can be expanded, and books that deserve more attention can finally get it.  


     There will be a core group of columnists, most who will have one column appear weekly. These columns will either be reviews, interviews with writers and publishers, or articles that focus on a certain type of book, themes, genres, etc.

      This isn’t a ‘how to write’ site, but more of a ‘how and what to read’ experience.  The goal is to connect readers with writers they either have never known or maybe are familiar with and just want to know more about.  


     The end goal is to have Bibliorati be a go to place for readers.


     The above information was compiled from the initial Bibliorati press release.  The Facebook page went live today, and can be viewed at


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