Publisher outlines COMIXTRIBE philosophy, mission

EDITOR’S NOTE:  We continue our spotlight on ComixTribe with some words from the publisher . . . . . . .

I so appreciate your time and attention this week as we've been sharing what what's coming from ComixTribe in 2017.

I've heard back from a number of you pumped about THE RED TEN coming to a close, and many more fired up about the SINK campaign launching next week.

Click here for SINK Sizzle Reel.

We've also been shipping CHUM trade collections with free mystery bonus comics included in every order (this week only) to many of you.

As ComixTribe moves forward in 2017, I want to take just a moment to share a few thoughts on what makes ComixTribe unique in a crowded marketplace, and give you some awesome links to back that up. 

What Makes ComixTribe Different?

In case you haven't notice, the comics market is a crowded one.

Standing out is as hard as its ever been...

And as a result, many creators and publishers don't even try. 

Rather, you see a lot of imitation of what everyone else is doing...

If they're doing it, it must be working, right? 

They reboot. We'll reboot.

The've got zombies? We'll do zombies.

That sort of thing.

And I'll be perfectly honest, with the first few series ComixTribe has put out, we WERE trying to fit in. 

As a publisher and a fan, I like a strong high concept. 

Imitation is how we all start.

It's how we all learn.

It's certainly where I started, and I've been making comics for a long time...


As a creator and publisher, there's a delicate balance between imitation and innovation... 

And while I think the work ComixTribe has published over the past few years and will continue to publish going forward will continue to innovate, it's not the books themselves that has been the thing that makes ComixTribe truly different through out our history.

Rather the thing that has set ComixTribe apart from other publishers on Day One is that we've shared this creative journey with our readers every step of the way.

A journey that's taken us from literally zero fans and no distribution whatsoever... 

To hundreds of thousands of copies of books sold around the world.

So, if you happen to be a reader who also has aspirations to create, you're in the right place with ComixTribe.






That's my personal mantra and the reason I'm on this planet.

And those three words have been baked into the ComixTribe DNA since the very beginning.

That's what makes us different. 

We're going to continue to share our journey wherever it leads, and it's been a privilege to share it with you. 


Tyler James

ComixTribe Publisher / Don't Call It A Comeback, I've Been Here for Years


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