March PREVIEWS Pre-Order Picks: TALES FROM THE CRYPT Volume 1

TALES FROM THE CRYPT, VOLUME 1: THE STALKING DEAD   (Super Genius, May 31 release date)  Softcover, 7 x 10, 120 pages, full color $12.99. Hardcover $17.99  Mature readers.    


     It was a nice coup for Papercutz to obtain licensing for new stories of Tales From The Crypt.  However, because of the publisher’s mission statement for the Papercutz line, the stories were tamed down a bit when compared to the legendary EC fare, and fans didn’t warm up to the new title.  Now, with a new imprint from the same publisher, Super Genius can treat this title properly.  It’s a nice addition to their line-up, which has also featured some tasty reprints of former Tekno comics titles.  We read the first issue of TALES FROM THE CRYPT when it was released, and were pleasantly unhinged, a reaction you may well expect and anticipate when reading this book.



     Here’s what the PREVIEWS catalog says about the first collected volume:


     “ What  Zombies on Wall Street!  A vampire elected president!  What can possibly be more frightening than real life!


     These all-new tales are done in the grand tradition of the original EC classic horror comics.  The Crypt-Keeper is back, along with the Old Witch and the Vault-Keeper, to scare the bejesus out of you!


     In the true TALES FROM THE CRYPT tradition, you’ll witness the most loathsome people doing the most vile, evil, and gruesomee things to their victims, only to eventually have the tables turned on them in shock endings that will surprise and mortify you!  It’s old-school poetic justice with the darkest of twists.  Plus truly horrible puns, of course.”


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