Why does BC post PREVIEWS Pre-Order Picks?

EDITOR’S NOTES: I’m about to post my final Pre-Order Pick article for March. 

      It’s been brought to my attention that some readers may interpret these articles as an endorsement of the Previews Catalog and a strong suggestion for readers to purchase and use it every month. That’s not what I’m aiming for. 

IMG 0698

     What I hope to convey is the importance of pre-ordering books.  It’s a way to help your local comic shop improve their inventory turns and be more profitable.  It’s not essential to purchase a Previews catalog to do that — Diamond Distributors even put the catalog on their website for free. Plus, there are numerous Internet sources to learn what books are coming out in two months.  Many shops are now carrying Comic Shop News, the free (to readers) newsletter of upcoming books. 

     In addition, there are many worthwhile books that don’t enjoy the amount of sales that they deserve simply because pre-orders by comic shops are limited compared to the core books. So, comics readers sometimes aren’t even aware of the existence of these books because they don’t see them during their comic shop visits.

   In our Pre-Order Picks for March, we have spotlighted 16 new series debuts and four collections that we feel will be under-ordered and perhaps not available at your local shop. If your interest is sparked by reading these articles, then you need to pre-order to make certain you get a copy when the book is released.

    My Dream Goal would be to see a future sales report from Diamond on the previous month’s pre-orders that doesn’t show a dominance by Marvel and DC but is more reflective of the diversity of publishers, genres, and titles available to today’s comic readers.


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