Making the Case for Pre-Ordering Comics

EDITOR’S NOTE: We added editorial comment to our PREVIEWS articles last month, trying to persuade comics readers to always pre-order their books from the local comic shops. It’s a highly profitable era for the comics industry, but unfortunately not much of that profit is trickling down to the local store.  They have to work hard and work smart to make a respectable income, and not the big numbers that the publishers and distributor enjoy. 


  We’re glad to see local comic shops taking steps as well. The best argument we’ve read makes the case in straightforward plain and simple terms. Let’s hear from THE COMIC BOOK SHOP at 1855 Marsh Road, Wilmington, Delaware (go to ) on this subject . . . . . . . .


What's a Previews??


PREVIEWS Magazine: Controlling Your Comics Future!


Each month comic retailers get a hefty catalog

of the upcoming releases - Previews Magazine!


Based on the solicit info provided (titles, writers, artists, price, etc.) we place our orders for books which will ship two months or more later.



We can't return any unsold comics.

Ridiculous, right?

All the risk is on shops, not publishers.


This means we need to sell through everything

we order, and there's  A LOT to order!


So, unless you tell us specifically that you want something, we may well not have it.


BUT - if you tell us what you want in advance - before we place our order - there will be a copy ordered just for you.   IT'S SO EASY!! 


You can subscribe to a comic series, special order a graphic novel, statue, t-shirt, or action figure,

and we'll get one just for you!




NEXT:  We return to our Pre-Order Picks, highlight books worth a look that just may not be on your local shop’s shelves, or we expect to sell out quickly - - - make sure you get a copy by pre-ordering.


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