KEYSER SOZE: SCORCHED EARTH #1 of 4  (Red 5 Comics, May 10 release date)  Writer: Paul Ens.  Artist, Cover Artist: Livia Pastore.  32 pages, full color $3.95.    




     Finally, someone seized on the potential for great story from a great film character.  We’re looking forward to see what Red 5 does with this property.  



     Here’s what the PREVIEWS catalog reveals:



     “Before he was a name on special agent Dave Kujan’s wall, Keyser  Soze was a watchword in the criminal underworld, the ultimate bogeyman.



     In this prequel to the hit film THE USUAL SUSPECTS, set against the backdrop of the Iran-Contra hearings, find out how Soze earned his reputation and how he first came to the attention of the U.S. Government.”



    Artist Livia Pastore is one of the Women In Comics profiled in the March PREVIEWS catalog, and has also done work for Big Dog Ink.


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