Indie Spotlight: AMANDA-TORY on Kickstarter

EDITOR’S NOTE: it’s time once again to hear from our semi-irregular indie comics correspondent Gary Scott Beatty.  This time, Gary brings to our attention a Kickstarter project with a good creative team.  See below . . .

A few years back, a little killer clown comic called Clown Townmade its debut in Indie Comics Magazine, and, now, the artist for that series of brutal buffoons has launched her very own collection of short stories on Kickstarter!  
Check it out HERE:

Amandatory is a 64-page anthology of short comics, all illustrated by Amanda Rachels (Vicious Circus, Flesh of White) and written by Flesh of White's Erica J. Heflin (Zenescope's Wonderland, The Black Hand) and Vicious Circus scribe Kevin LaPorte (The Absentee, Scales of Time).  


Amandatory draws on each year of Amanda's comic art career, dipping into her earliest collaborations with Erica J. Heflin in the formative Grayhaven Comics anthologies and even those early Clown Town short stories (now in COLOR!) with Kevin LaPorte. They run the gamut from body horror to killer clowns to sci-fi to good ole' small town suspense!  

ALL of the stories are being modernized and "re-mastered" for this collection. That means colors on previously black-and-white stories or updated colors if they were previously colored, as well as updated lettering on each tale. Amanda will also provide NEW chapter plates for each themed section of Amandatory, and prints of each of these, as well as the cover art, are available as art print rewards!  

Rewards include digital, print and signed/sketched versions of Amandatory, as well as custom art commissions, original art from the book, and even the opportunity to have Amanda draw a 4-page story written by YOU and INCLUDED in Amandatory!  


3.5" x 10" Bookplate Included with Many Reward Tiers - Some AUTOGRAPHED by Amanda!

Many rewards are EXTREMELY LIMITED, so don't hesitate, visit the Kickstarter page and help Amanda make Amandatory a reality NOW:

I hope everyone's enjoying the holidays! Have a look at Amanda's Kickstarter – and don't forget to download the free 2016 Aazurn Holiday Gift Guide here:

Gary Scott Beatty
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