Comics Review: FAITH #6 from Valiant Entertainment

FAITH 006 002

FAITH #6  (Valiant Entertainment, December 07 release date)  Writer: Jody Houser.  Artist: Meghan Hetrick and Marguerite Sauvage.


The story this issue returns to the Dark Star plot from Issue #5, where a black cat gave energy absorbing powers to Zoe Hines, a former teen idol now disgraced and more than a little bitter and resentful. Mad at the world is an apt description.  (See our full review of Issue #5, the Hilary Clinton issue, in the November archives for 11/04/2016 here: )


 Faith is victimized by Zoe’s energy-draining abilities but manages to free herself, albeit after temporarily losing many of her powers. Faith has to partner (but not entirely) with Project Rising Spirit to try and relocate Zoe and free her from the cat’s influence. The story line wraps up this issue in an unexpected but satisfying fashion, putting a different spin on a storyline we’ve seen elsewhere but made unpredictable here, as we’ve come to expect from the untraditional Faith. 




STORY:  It move fast, and the story is fun. Writer Houser manages to interject several amusing geek culture references into Faith’s narrative. The issue is also a neat character reveal, as we see how Faith’s empathy and understanding of human nature helps her succeed. .  2 POINTS.


ART:   Meghan Hetrick’s art here shows some improvement from Issue #5, where a lack of detail took away from some better drawn action sequences. She still seems to struggle with facial details, but this is only noticeable on the smaller panels. On larger panels she does a better job, although the noses seem odd.  Sauvage’s art on the book is much better. Too bad she’s only illustrating the fantasy sequences, and that just amounts to one single page this issue. 1.5 POINTS.



COVER: The covers are appealing, except for the photo cat variant which we won’t feature here.  1.5 POINTS


READ AGAIN?  Yes. We appreciated the asides even more the second go-around, and caught one we missed the first time. 1 POINT.


RECOMMEND?  Yes. Overall, this is a fun book.  1 POINT.


TOTAL RATING: 7 POINTS.  You should check out at least one issue of this title and draw your own conclusions. We believe most readers would like it.  



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