Comics Review: RED SONJA #0 from Dynamite Entertainment

RED SONJA, VOLUME 4 #0 (Dynamite Entertainment, December 2016 release date)  25 Cents Introductory Priced Issue. Written by Amy Chu.  Illustrated by Carlos Gomez.  Colored by Mohan. Lettered by Simon Bowland. Main Cover Art by Nick Bradshaw with colors by Pete Pantazis.  Rated TEEN +.  


RSvol4 00 Cov A Bradshaw

     There must be more of Red Sonya’s adventures that have been released through Dynamite Entertainment than any other publisher to date. Unless I viewed the information on the double-page spread incorrectly, there have been 48 trade paperbacks so far completed by various creative teams. That’s an impressive record.


   So what to do for Volume 4 to change it up and make it different.  This discount-priced 16-page (plus extras) introductory story sets the stage for where writer Amy Chu will be taking the series  — to present day New York City. This should be interesting.




STORY: Amy Chu gets things where she needs to, and whets your appetite for more. Sonya behaves and reacts as Sonya behaves and reacts. On a typical mission-for-hire, she runs into a sorcerous foe, and her world changes rapidly. We can’t wait to see what changes trying to exist in the modern world hold in store for our heroine. Change of wardrobe, perhaps? Diet, living conditions, and more? TWO  POINTS.


ART:  Gomez has a clean style that doesn’t clutter the page. His action scenes are good and he’s able to depict the beauty of the main character without turning her into a pin-up model. TWO POINTS


COVER:  Definitely catches your attention. Sonya fighting monsters as they crawl all over a subway train. TWO POINTS


READ AGAIN?  It’s really not necessary. Hopefully, it will lead most readers to Issue #1 to see where this is going.  ZERO POINTS.


RECOMMEND? Of course. At risk is only 25 cents. I recommend this to everybody. It’s a great idea anytime a new team takes over an established property. It entices readers who may have stopped paying attention to the title to give it a second look.   ONE POINT.


TOTAL RATING: 7 POINTS. If you’re a fan of sword and sorcery comics, you’re already in. Others should take a dip.  The water’s warm and the price is right. 


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