Indie Comics publisher offers freebies to build the information network

 EDITOR’S NOTE:  GARY SCOTT BEATTY works hard to promote the work of indie comics creators.  He’s actively working to get more readers to join Aazurn Publishing’s mailing list, and offering some nice free incentives to the public.  We turn the column space over to Gary to tell you more about it.  OK, Gary - - that’s your cue to begin! . . . . . . . . . . . 

August’s Previews is on sale today and it’s time to order Indie Comics #2 from Aazurn Publishing! Plus our freebie: Christmas in July!

Many thanks to all of you who downloaded the Indie Comics #2 Facebook Cover from the last email! It was popular enough, I’m letting you know about it again! Download it here =

Did you miss Indie Comics #1? Be real nice to your local or online comic shop and they can still order it with order code JUN160995. 

Second in a series! Download the next digital poster in the Gods of Aazurn series: War World! Straight from Indie Comics #1, but in FULL COLOR, download here =

This description is from The Maketch Girl story in Indie Comics #1. “Suddenly dropped among trillions of marching soldiers, the Maketch Girl knew she was on War World. The planet’s name changes so often with new rulers, no name is ever recorded, and the world’s original name is lost to the sands of time.”

Today’s Next Freebie: Christmas in July! From writer Jeremy Bernstein and artist Michael Dorman comes Santa Claus: Private Eye. Even Old Saint Nick has to make ends meet. This is NOT what you’re expecting! 12 chapters online, starting here=

Next: More about Indie Comics #2 AND #3 and the next freebie (or two)! Forward this article to your friends they can sign up at;;  or

Gary Scott Beatty
Can’t Wait to Show You the Cover to Indie Comics #3
Grand Poobah, Aazurn Publishing


  1. Thanks, Mike! I hope everyone enjoys the freebie. Michael Dorman is one talented illustrated, by golly. And Indie Comics #2 is for order now in August’s Previews from Aazurn Publishing. And Indie Comics #1 was just chosen as is an InvestComics HOT PICK! We have so much going on the next few months, it’s HUGE!


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