Diamond releases June 2016 Pre-Order Statistics

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(BALTIMORE, MD) — (July 8, 2016) — An Inhuman with the power to predict the future brings conflict to the heroes of the Marvel Universe in Brian Michael Bendis and David Marquez's Civil War II from Marvel Comics, the best-selling comic book of June 2016 according to information provided by Diamond Comic Distributors, the world's largest distributor of comics, graphic novels, and pop culture merchandise.

TheDollar shareir sales powered by Civil War II, Marvel Comics was Junes top publishers with a 40.08% dollar share and a 44.17% unit share.  With strong
 Rebirth sales, DC Entertainment was the month's number two publisher with a 29.93% dollar share and a 31.69% unit share. At number three was Image Comics with a 7.88% dollar share and a 7.64% unit share. IDW Publishing was fourth with a 5.22% dollar share and a 4.15% unit share, followed by Dark Horse Comics with a 2.81% dollar share and 1.76% units share.  

Marvel Comics Had three of June’s best-selling comics; beyond Civil War II #1, Marjorie Liu and Mark Brook’s Star Wars: Han Solo #1 ranked #4, and Bendis and Marquez’s Civil War II #2 ranked #5.

DC Entertainment took the other seven spots in the top ten, led by Tom King and David Finch’s Batman #1 at #2; Tom King, Scott Snyder, and Mikel Janin’s Batman Rebirth #1 at #3; Frank Miller, Brian Azzarello, Andy Kubert, and Klaus Janson’s Dark Knight III: The Master Race #5 at #6; Miller, Azzarello, John Romita, Jr., and Peter Steigerwald’s The Dark Knight Returns: The Last Crusade at #7; Peter J. Tomasi and Doug Make’s Superman Rebirth #1 at #8; Greg Rucka and Liam Sharp’s Wonder Woman #1 at #9; and Tomasi and Patrick Gleason’s Superman #1 at #10.

      Among the premier publishers, Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead #157 was Image Comic’s top book for June at #31.  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Bebop & Rocksteady Destroy Everything #1, the first part of a new mini-series, was IDW Publishing’s top book at #119.  Finally, Hellboy in Hell #10, the final chapter of Mike Mignola’s Hellboy saga, ranked #140 as Dark Horse Comic’s top-selling comic book.

    A new era opens in Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples’ Saga Volume 5 from Image Comics, the best-selling graphic novel of June and one of their three titles in the top ten.  DC Entertainment had five titles in the top ten, led by Paul Dini and Eduardo Risso’s original graphic novel Dark Night: A True Batman Story at #2.  Marvel Comics’ adult coloring book Color Your Own Young Marvel by Scottie Young ranked #5.  Rounding out the top ten, Dark Horse Comics’ graphic novel Neil Gaiman’s How to Talk to Girls, an adaptation of Gaiman’s short story by Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba, ranked #10.  

     IDW Publishing’s Danger Girl: Permission to Thrill Coloring Book was June’s best-selling book.  Scholastic’s young adult novel, Harley Quinn: Wild Card, ranked #2.  

     An alternate universe Deadpool joined Diamond Select Toy’s Marvel Gallery line-up with June’s Marvel Gallery: Lady Deadpool PVC Figure, the best-selling toy product of June and one of Diamond Select Toys’ two products in the top ten.  DC Collectibles had six products in the top ten, led by the Batman V Superman: Armored Batman Statue at #2.    

      IDW Games’ Back to the Future: Adventures Through Time Board Game, based on the fan-favorite movie trilogy, was June’s best-selling game product.  Also in the top ten from IDW Games was The X-Files: The Board Game at #2.  Also of note, Diamond Select Toys’ Back to the Future Monopoly, a custom version of the venerable board game, ranked among June’s top ten games at #4 for the month.




Unit share




EDITOR’S NOTE:  We find these statistics very interesting, and believe that our readers do as well.  Keep in mind that Diamond’s business model only allows them to accurately track the numbers as they relate to pre-orders.  Actual sales numbers and percentages may be different, but it’s a true reflection of the current state of the market.  However, don’t despair that Marvel and DC dominate the numbers.  Those other publishers are doing well and showing profits.  It’s actually a healthy time for the comics business.  Yeah, it bugs us that the Top Two always overwhelm these reports.


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