Guest Article: DC REBIRTH -- Explained and Endorsed

 EDITOR’S NOTE:  Even though the Big Two comics publishers get plenty of press elsewhere, we feel a sense of duty to cover at least some of the upcoming changes currently underway in their respective universes.  We’d like our coverage to go a bit beyond the surface elements and get into depth where it deserves it. However, with such a massive re-boot in store at not one, but two, major publishers who put out a monthly mountain of books we wanted to avoid burn-out.  

     So, we’re going to concentrate on focusing on just one of these publishers, and cover the other’s changes as time permits.  We at BC were already leaning towards DC, simply because they are trying to revive and bring new life (rebirth) into their established characters.  That’s different from what Marvel is doing by taking established icons and introducing new (and younger) characters to wear the same costumes. Marvel seems to be reaching out to new readers while DC seems to be trying to get their older audience back.  Both publishers need to do something - - so we’ll see which strategy pays off.  

     Captain Blue Hen employee Jason Colatriano wrote a passionate argument for DC’s Reb13151578 10209908415735335 2961920434210766219 nirth, which we have re-posted here.  Jason is a modest fan, and begged off on supplying us with a biography.  He does say “  have had a love of graphic storytelling for years.  It’s a hard habit to break.  I’m also a Peter Cetera fan.”  When asked about the new DC titles, he says his favorites right now are SUPERMAN, BATMAN, and DETECTIVE COMICS.  He’s also “heard very good things about NEW SUPERMAN.”  Jason’s faith in the DC Rebirth,  his optimism and exuberance for the new DC books have persuaded us to walk down the same path.  Read on . . .


Guest article by Jason Colatriano of Captain Blue Hen Comics . . . . . . .

It’s hard to adequately explain why I’m so enthusiastic about DC’s next big event, REBIRTH. Imagine you grew up with someone and really considered yourself pals. Heck, you think of them as family. Then high school hits. The two of you grow apart until you almost don’t recognize them anymore. I mean, you know them to see them, but they dress edgier and have this whole new attitude. You pass each other in the hall and don’t even really acknowledge them anymore. When you do finally talk, it doesn’t sound like them either.

     As the story goes, you both go your separate ways. Some time later (I don’t know, let’s say 6 years later) you run into them in the shopping center and they holler from across the parking lot. A warm greeting and a handshake to hug later, you’re talking about old times and your old buddy seems like himself again. Time has changed you and your friend both, but he’s taken those experiences and learned from them. You feel like you’ve both come home again…and you never quite realized just how much you missed it.

So, what’s REBIRTH all about? Simply put, DC’s REBIRTH is a refocusing on what matters most… character.

Rebirth 1

Look no further than 2004’s GREEN LANTERN: REBIRTH for your answers.

     Like his stint on the NEW 52’s AQUAMAN, Geoff Johns took GL back to his basics. John’s knew that the key to putting the emerald ring-slinger bacGreen Lantern Rebirth collectionk on top was to bring back Hal Jordan and to make the book about heroically conquering fear to fight great evil. Fans were afraid that this meant getting rid of Kyle Rayner. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Rayner was another reason why the GREEN LANTERNS were so awesome. Rayner wouldn’t be relegated to the B-team or pushed to the side, but became one of the four pillars of sector 2814’s GREEN LANTERN CORPS.

This iteration of REBIRTH, as explained by Jim Lee and Dan Didio, will also fill a void that has been felt by longtime fans…LEGACY.

  Watch DC ALL ACCESS LIVE on You Tube and hear directly from Jim Lee and Dan Didio what this event means and what will be happening in the DC Universe . . . . . .

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All in all, DC is putting it’s money where it’s mouth is and bringing in creators both old and new. Vets like Greg Rucka (on WONDER WOMAN) and Dan Jurgens (on SUPERMAN) will be in the trenches with up and comers like Joshua Williamson (BIRTHRIGHT), Sam Humpries (STAR-LORDJulie and Shawna Benson  (from TV’s The 100) and James Tynion IV (MEMETIC, BATMAN & TMNT).


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