Book Review: PRESSURE by Brian Keene

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by Brian Keene (Goodreads Author)


 3.73  ·   Rating Details   ·  113 Ratings  ·  33 Reviews
Off the coast of tropical Mauritius, an ecological catastrophe with global implications is occurring. The ocean's floor is collapsing at a rapid rate. World-champion free diver and marine biologist Carrie Anderson joins a scientific expedition determined to discover the cause-and how to stop it. But what they uncover is even more horrific. Deep beneath the surface, something is awake. Something hungry. Something...cold. Now, the pressure builds as Carrie and her colleagues must contend with the murderous operatives of a corrupt corporation, an unnatural disaster that grows bigger by the day, and a monstrous predator that may spell the extinction of all mankind.

Pressure is this summer's hot new thriller from bestselling author and World Horror Grandmaster Award winner Brian Keene.
HardcoverFirst Edition276 pages
Published June 21st 2016 by Thomas Dunne Books
Original Title
1250071348 (ISBN13: 9781250071347)



Our review of PRESSURE . . . . . . . . . . .

     Keene is a skilled writer who knows how to build suspense and ramp it up to nerve-breaking levels.
The ocean floor is collapsing near the island of Mauritius, and the cause is linked to a new undersea terror, a giant monster that is an enhanced amalgam of sea creatures. Carrie Anderson, the main character and a globally known free diver, gets a taste of the threat on a routine dive. She has several encounters after that, each one more deadly and terrifying. Keene's descriptions of the attacks are brutal, graphic and bloody, causing the reader to fear for the characters. Keene's insights help endear all of them and bring them to life. 

     In the latter part of the novel, the threat seems to be abated and the story takes a different turn into the realm of thriller, as the main characters attempt to uncover the evil plans of a large multi-national bio-tech corporation. It's a threat of a different type and just as dangerous.

     I'm disappointed by the two-page epilogue that ends predictably. We've all seen this kind of ending too many times. It's not even necessary. The book could have ended without it. It's the only thing that kept me from giving this a five-star rating. I still recommend it to fans of beastly horror and thrillers.


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