Sneak Peek: new SMURFS graphic novel for younger readers

 EDITOR’S NOTE:  I’ve mentioned before on this site that I’m a big believer in the power of comics to introduce young children to both reading and literature.  I don’t often feature deserving works on BC Refugees simply because I’m not on the look-out for them.  My reading tastes tend more towards material geared towards older, more mature readers.  I’m happy to have this opportunity courtesy of the folks at Papercutz to share a preview with you of a worthwhile graphic novel being released in June, and available for pre-order now.  Keep reading for more details . . . . . . . . . . .


EDITOR’S NOTE:  i’ve always been an advocate of using comics to help introduce young readers to literature and fiction.  However, since I primarily read more mature titles, the opportunity doesn’t come up very often to feature quality books for younger readers on this blog.  Im grateful to receive some advance information on this worthwhile title from PAPERCUTZ and glad to share it with you here . . . . . SMURFS#23_header.jpg

HERE'S YOUR PREVIEW OF SMURFS #23: "Can't Smurf Progress"


from the official Papercutz news bulletin . . . . . .

The last few SHORTCUTZ transmissions have been devoted to showing off some of our brand new series, including the first three books to be published under the CHARMZ imprint, but today we want to give you a preview of the newest volume in one of our longest-running series. In fact, we might even talk about it until we’re blue in the face!

Are you Smurf-cited yet?

Coming hot on the heels of the new Smurfs film, The Lost Village, which opens in theaters April 7th, we will be releasing “Can’t Smurf Progress,” the twenty-third (!) graphic novel in the SMURFS series!



In this latest volume, automation comes to the Smurfs village. Feeling an odd combination of inspired and lazy, Handy Smurf builds a group of machines to help ease the burden of the hard-working Smurfs. Soon, the whole Village becomes enticed by these machines—and the ease of life they bring about. They’re so lulled by their new technology-aided, carefree existence that they begin to use the machines for even the most mundane tasks. Can the Village survive this new way of life?

SMURFS: “Can’t Smurf Progress” provides a sly and comical comment on our obsession with and reliance on technology. Both entertaining and educational, the book is perfect for readers young and old, as well as for teachers looking to enlighten their students about some of the pitfalls of our dependency on machines. 

For anyone who can’t seem to look away from the many screens in their life (and hey, you’re almost definitely reading this on a screen right now!) let SMURFS: “Can’t Smurf Progress” cure your blues!



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