I'm aghast! Horror Comic recognition program is ending.

 EDITOR’S NOTES: I’m going to miss the Ghastly Awards. However, as with all fan endeavors, they are a labor of love that often go unrecognized until life/work/family gets in the way and forces some hard decisions and choices. Thanks for Decapitated Dan for his dedication and efforts over the past six years plus. Here from Dan are some final words on the Ghastlys . . . . . . . . . .


The End of the Ghastly Awards


It is with a heavy heart that today I officially announce the end of the Ghastly Awards.  Since 2011 the Ghastly Awards have awarded the Best in Horror Comics with the recognition that they deserved in the Comic Book Industry. We have given out close to 100 Awards in this time.

We announce the end of the Awards due to personal commitments and time constraints. I have asked a lot from the Judges over the past 6 years, and have been rewarded with an amazing commitment to showcasing the genre and the talent in the comic community. A lot of time and effort has gone into the Awards, and it has shown in what we were able to accomplish.

I am sad to leave behind the Ghastly Awards, but I look forward to what life will bring next. Should the right person/party come along to continue the Awards, I will have open ears. Spearheading this effort was well worth it, and I can’t even begin to thank all of those involved, from our Sponsors, those who Submitted their books for consideration, and of course our amazing Judges: Steve Banes, Lonnie Nadler, Mykal Banta,  Pedro Cabezuelo, Belinda “Spaced” McNeill, Bree Ogden, Rachel Deering, Denise Dutton, James Ferguson, Daniel Viney, Phillip Charles, and of course my right hand man, Mike Howlett.

Thank you everyone for submitting your books,  sponsoring the Awards and helping to spread the love of Horror Comics.

- Decapitated Dan Royer


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