ALTERNA increases print run based on early orders


EDITOR’S NOTE:  I like what this small independent publisher is doing to bring back low-cost comics as well as offer another outlet for creative teams to showcase their work and ideas. They also are developing some programs to help comic shops promote their books. While they didn't have any books ready for Free Comic Book Day, their initial newsprint titles will debut this week on May 3rd, just three days before FCBD. If you're stopping by your local comic shop between now and then, keep a look out for the Alterna books. It won't cost you very much to give them a try. Newsprint is less expensive, so they can sell for less. Here’s an update courtesy of the publisher . . . . .


With a few days to go before the May 3rd debut of Alterna's affordably priced newsprint comics, early order numbers for June's releases are currently blowing away expectations.


Currently at double the amount of May's initial order numbers, Alterna will be increasing print runs for all of June's titles by 50%.  Alterna had increased May's print runs by 25% but an ordering surge still created sell outs across the board.


Publisher Peter Simeti shared his excitement about the early success of the newsprint titles:


     "We're less than a week away from debuting our newsprint comics at shops across the world -- needless to say everyone at Alterna is very excited.  Readers and retailers have been super supportive of this initiative and it means so much to the creators here. 


     It was a pleasant surprise to find out that the initial orders for June were so high, so we'll be increasing print runs to hopefully accommodate all the readers and retailers (and any reorders) without having to go back to press on second printings.  It's been great, receiving messages from customers that they're opening up pull boxes for the first time in years, and that they're buying a reader copy AND a copy to keep safe... for a creator-owned company like us, it's very surreal to hear things like this.  


     Personally, I hope that readers love the stories and that they'll use the savings on our books to even try other creator-owned books at their local shop.  I'd like to give a big thanks to all the comic shops and readers that are helping us bring back newsprint to new comic book day!" 



Three of the four books being released on May 3rd are great for kids too.  ADAM WRECK #1, AMAZING AGE #1, and LILITH DARK #1 are fantastic reads for kids -- so pick 'em up on Free Comic Book Day if you don't get a chance to scoop 'em up on the 3rd!  



Good news for readers and retailers! Due to a small overrun on comic shop/direct sales editions on each book, Alterna will be able to fill reorders via Diamond on May releases.



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