Biography comic tells story of soccer star Messi

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Fame: Lionel Messi the comic book is available this week.  It the latest addition to the successful line of TidalWave’s biography titles.


Few footballers are honored to wear the number 10 on their jersey. Pelé, Diego Maradona, and now, Lionel Messi have felt the weight of that number, and all have excelled. With five Ballon d’Ors, awarded for meritorious achievement by FIFA, this shy player from Argentina, one of the youngest ever to play the game professionally, proves that to excel, one must know yourself and push yourself to succeed. His storied career is chronicled in this latest illustrated biography


Writer Michael Frizell and artist Angel Bernuy bring Maradona's amazing career to life in comic book form.  With a cover by famed artist Pablo Martinena.


“I found Lionel Messi to be a fascinating figure. This is my second book about a football player – I sport I knew little about until I wrote the Maradona book a few months ago – and it was a challenge to find the proper balance between the myth and the man.” said writer Michael Frizell.


“I’m from Argentina, many people ask me Will they ever make a comic from Messi?, So for me it was a double pleasant surprise, first because Tidal Wave made it true and second because I was chosen for the cover art, it is a tribute to his effort, sacrifice and passion.”  Pablo Martinena


The Fame titles are 28-page issues and bring to life in graphic form the stories of the world¹s biggest celebrities.  In the past TidalWave has produced other sports icons such as David Beckham, Diego Maradona, Alex Rodriguez, Russell Wilson and more. 


"We've found a niche with our bio comics," said TidalWave publisher Darren G.  Davis. "Our success with this comic shows that there is a much wider audience for sequential storytelling than many thought. These readers are simply looking for something other than superheroes or horror. With our bio comics, we strive to bring these new readers evenhanded, well-researched looks at some of their favorite celebrities."


It is available Wednesday for your e-reader from iTunes, Kindle, Nook, ComiXology, DriveThru Comics, Google Play, My Digital Comics, Overdrive, Iverse, Biblioboard, Flipkart, ComicBin, Axis360, Blio, Entitle, Comicblender, Kobo and wherever eBooks are sold. Print copies can be ordered exclusively at


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