New science fiction project seeks crowdfunding support

A New Project From the Artist of SINK...

EDITOR’S NOTE:  I’ve become a fan of both artist Alex Cormack and writer John Lees, as evidenced by our support of their joint SINK project on Kickstarter. Two creators whose subject matter and themes are perhaps a little too edgy and fringe for publishers to fully endorse and take a chance on. So, they use crowdfunding (Kickstarter) to raise the funds to make their creations a reality.  ComixTribe supports them, and I think other publishers will soon follow.  If there’s one genre that seems to be less predominant in today’s crowded market - - it’s good standalone science fiction stories.  To support STAIN THE SEAS SCARLET, go to this link . . . .

Let’s check in with John Lees to get more details about this . . . .

Hi Sinkers! 

This campaign is all wrapped up, and SINK is now running wild in the direct market. But if you can't get enough of SINK artist Alex Cormack's awesome work, he currently has a new project on Kickstarter!


STAIN THE SEAS SCARLET is a brutal sci fi one-shot comic about Yelena, a resistance leader on a distant planet, who plays one last hand against the shitty robots tearing her world and life apart.  "Spacesuit noir."

Alex Cormack is paired with rising star writer Ryan K. Lindsay, who - fresh off cult smash BEAUTIFUL CANVAS and with the hotly anticipated ETERNAL on the horizon - is one of the most exciting creators in comics right now.  I've seen some of the pages, and can confirm it's some of Alex's very best work.  If you liked his visuals on SINK, you'll LOVE this! 

You can support the project and get a copy of the comic for as little as 2 Australian dollars.  And on the higher end pledges, you can get original artwork from Alex Cormack himself!  I know this pledge level was hugely popular in the SINK campaign and some folk might have missed out then, so now's your chance to add some sweet Alex Cormack art to your collection!



This comic is my idea of a dream project, and the fact it wasn't day 1 funded is baffling to me.  But they're nearly at their funding goal, and have 9 days left to get there.  Your support could help them past the threshold.  You'll know I haven't been heavy on the endorsements for other projects in these updates, as I want it to mean something when I do.  So, know that STAIN THE SEAS SCARLET and its creators get my highest possible recommendation.

Your pal,

John Lees


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