DOCTOR WHO in horror is featured Dread Central article

EDITOR’S NOTE: Time to check in on our roving Mid-West correspondent to learn what Gary Scott Beatty has been up to lately . . . . . . . . . 

Delays, delays on illustrations for Zombie's End! Meanwhile, my latest Dread Central article looks at MORE Doctor Who in horror.

Yes, you guessed it, my eight year old MacBook Pro is preparing to die, right in the middle of showing you the fearsome cover to Zombie's End, gloriously colored and lettered! Meanwhile we'll have to settle for another look at the inks, below.

My first Dread Central article about Doctor Who actors in horror movies was so well receive, it called for a part two. Please leave a comment at the article here:

Hang in there, I'm planning some all nighters once my new equipment is up and running! Zombie's End is coming!

Gary Scott Beatty
Yes, cheap enough for an eight year old computer


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