Dinosaur eggs hatch as MANOSAURS emerges in November


Manosaurs#1_Ebook-2.jpgMANOSAURS VOL. 1: "Walk Like a Manosaur"

In stores November 21st!

EDITOR’S NOTE: Courtesy of PAPERCUTZ, we present this preview of MANOSAURS from their official press release:

We're proud to announce the release of MANOSAURS, an all-new graphic novel series that's adventurous and uproarious (emphasis on the "roar")!

Before we get to the preview, we want to share with you some awesome news: Patricia Lyfoung, the amazing writer and artist of THE SCARLET ROSE will be at New York Comic Con next weekend, where she'll sign books, take photos, and impart her wisdom on a couple panels--all in celebration of the launch of her wonderful book! And be sure to stop by the Papercutz table (R7 in Artist's Alley) and say hello!


In MANOSAURS VOL. 1: "Walk Like a Manosaur," Leo “the Doc” Jeffries is down on his luck with his rundown dinosaur museum, Dynamic Dino Display, until he unearths a box of bonafide dinosaur eggs! The eggs hatch four talking dinosaurs who rapidly adapt and grow into their new environment…the twenty first century! Now, Tri, Rex, Ptor, and Pterry must navigate life after extinction and defend their new family from forces of a dreaded enemy known as Armaggedon, who would like to make sure these powerful reptiles stay extinct. 

Both prehistoric and modern, adventurous and comedic, MANOSAURS uses science and dinosaurs—an enduringly popular subject for kids—to tell a truly human tale! 

Papercutz will release MANOSAURS VOL. 1: "Walk Like a Manosaur" in hardcover (ISBN: 9781629918143, $12.99) and paperback (ISBN: 9781629918136) on November 21. 




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