Advance Comics Preview: Shine A Light On MOONSTONE

In a cluttered comics marketplace, this May 2011 Moonstone will be hoping  to draw some additional attention to its line of licensed characters with a three book cross-over mini-series, as well as a collaboration with another company’s popular character, and a revival of  a long out of print indie comics classic.

PreviewsPTM_DomLady300 PreviewsPTM_TheSpider300 PreviewsPTM_HoneyWest300

Leading off in May will be PHASES OF THE MOON, a three-issue budget-priced ($2.50 each) color comics  flip-book featuring six Moonstone titles.  The story line spans several decades and involves a serial killer who may also be a time-traveler.

PreviewsPTM_Kolchak PreviewsPTM_Sheena300 CApActPOM

PHASES OF THE MOON #1  - DOMINO LADY / THE SPIDER  is written by Steven L. Frank with art by Remy Mokhtar and Bill McKay.  PHASES OF THE MOON #2 – HONEY WEST / KOLCHAK is by writer Mark Rahner and artists Glen Fernandez and Matt Hebb.  PHASES OF THE MOON #3 – SHEENA / CAPTAIN ACTION wraps it all up by writer Steven L. Frank with art by Nathan Stockman and Glen Fernandez.


Moonstone’s creepy humor title meets Image’s high school monster hunter in HACK/SLASH MEETS ZOMBIES VS. CHEEERLEADERS #1 written by Steven L Frank with art by Benjamin Glendenning.


Finally, Moonstone reprints the original 1980’s black and white stories of EAGLE: THE ORIGINAL ADVENTURES TPB VOL. 1, collecting the first six issues of this series plus a preview of the new comic book series in development.  Moonstone describes this book as LONE WOLF AND CUB meets BLADE RUNNER.  It’s notable for being the first creator owned work of local legendary artist Neil Vokes.   Special features in the book include a cover gallery, concept sketches and editorial pieces from the creative team.  200 pages, $16.95.


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