Second BARBIE graphic novel debuts in June



EDITOR’S NOTE:  In my search to find worthwhile books for the younger audience, I sometimes locate finds such as this.  Barbie has to be the biggest doll line ever made.  My younger sister had one during her childhood, and I won’t make her mad by saying  how long ago that was. The Barbie name should attract a ton of younger readers to graphic novels, and if the storyline teaches some valuable life lesson, even better . . . .

From the official Papercutz press release . . . . . .

Alright guys and dolls, are you ready to have your minds blown? Did you know that one Barbie doll is sold every three seconds? Did you know that the number of Barbie dolls in the world could circumnavigate the globe?

There sure are a lot of Barbies, and luckily for you, we’ve got another! On June 20th, we’ll be releasing the second volume of our flagship BARBIE graphic novel series: “Big Dreams, Best Friends!”

This volume, written by Sarah Kuhn and illustrated by Yishan Li, finds Barbie living her dream, designing outfits for a rock star’s big tour! But when Barbie experiences designer’s block, and can’t get in the stitch of things, the whole tour is threatened. She wanted to make some show-stopping designs, but she didn’t think that would be taken literally!


To get back on track, Barbie partners up with the band’s talented but shy drummer, who can’t seem to perform as well in the costume given to her. She just doesn’t feel like herself, and Barbie must design something that will help the drummer get back to rockin’. Will Barbie and the drummer be able to overcome their anxieties before the curtain goes up?

“Big Dreams, Best Friends” is a wonderful story about staying true to yourself and embracing your sense of individualism. Join Barbie as she navigates the glamorous, thrilling backstage world of fashion, music, and celebrity!



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