New stories of Disney's MINNIE AND DAISY coming from Papercutz

EDITOR’S NOTE:  One of the things I appreciate about the Disney Company is that when it

comes to their comics properties, they spread the love around.  It would be very easy for

Disney to give Marvel exclusive rights since they own that publisher - - but they allow

other companies like Papercutz and IDW to work and create within the Disney universe of

characters. Here’s news of an upcoming title, courtesy of Michelle Hart at Papercutz . . . .

For many bookish types, the characters that appear within the pages of their favorite stories can often feel like close friends. I know I’m not alone in imagining myself casting spells with Harry and Hermione, galavanting through Longbourne with Elizabeth Bennet, or discovering the secrets of the world with Geronimo and Thea Stilton. 

The desire to be friends with fictional characters is especially strong in stories aboutfriendship, which is certainly the case with our MINNIE AND DAISY series, which features the first ladies of Disney, Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck, palling around in contemporary settings. On July 11, we’ll be releasing “Fashion Passion,” the second volume of MINNIE AND DAISY, featuring six all-new stories of friendship and loyalty!


The stories in this volume demonstrate the usual challenges friends face—not only from outside influences but from within their own relationship! In one story, Minnie and Daisy face obstacles created by their classroom rivals—Abigail and her sidekick twin sisters, Millie and Molly. In another, Minnie and Daisy play “the fashion game,” which reveals the difference between the way the two friends dress; Minnie creates her own clothes while Daisy prefers to buy new clothes from the mall. Finally, Daisy scores two tickets to see their favorite band perform, but Daisy planned to go with someone other than Minnie. Will their friendship survive in tact?

Minnie and Daisy’s motto is to “be friends and be yourself.” Through thick and thin, their friendship guides them. Together, learn not only to accept each other’s differences, but to embrace them! MINNIE AND DAISY: “Fashion Passion” is a great book for young girls wanting to see an enduring female friendship!



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