GHASTLY AWARD 2016 Nominees announced

The Ghastly Award Judges are proud to announce the 2016 Ghastly Award Nominees. The Nominees, chosen by the Ghastly Award Judges, reflect the wide range of Horror material being published in Horror Comics today. All Nominees were selected from work that was submitted by Publishers and Creators throughout the calendar year for Ghastly Award consideration.


Named after acclaimed comic creator “Ghastly” Graham Ingels, the awards are now in their 6th year.



Fan and Creator Voting will be open from February 6, 2017 until February 19, 2017 at

You may only vote once for the 2016 Nominees. Fan voting will decide the winner of the Best Horror Comic Cover Award. Winners will be announced on March 1, 2017.


We thank everyone who took the time to submit their work for this year's awards.


The 2016 Nominees are: 


Best Ongoing Title: 

Clean Room (Vertigo)

Harrow County (Dark Horse Comics)

Monstress (Image Comics)

Rachel Rising (Abstract Studios)

Spread (Image Comics)

Best Limited Series:

Colder: Toss the Bones (Dark Horse Comics)

Croak (Alterna Comics)

Glitterbomb (Image Comics)

House of Penance (Dark Horse Comics)

Thin (American Gothic Press)

Best One-Shot:

Beasts of Burden: What the Cat Dragged In (Dark Horse Comics)

Laudanum (Horrere Comics)

Locke & Key: Small World (IDW Publishing)

The Man With 10,000 Eyes (Rampaging Monster Comics)

The Disease (Hellbound Media)

Best Anthology:

Bloke’s Terrible Tomb Of Terror (Indy)

Gore Shriek Resurrectus: Volume 1 (FantaCo Enterprises & Rough House Publishing)

John Carpenter’s Tales for a Halloween Night Volume 2 (Storm King Productions)

Mythos: Lovecraft’s Worlds (Caliber Comics)

The Creeps (Warrant Publishing)

Best Short Story in an Anthology:

“A Dreadtime Story” - Gore Shriek Resurrectus: Volume 1

“Beauty” - Chronicles of Terror #1

“Patterns” - John Carpenter’s Tales for a Halloween Night: Volume 2

“The Finger” - John Carpenter’s Tales for a Halloween Night: Volume 2

“When the Devil Walked in Dower” - Insane Tales From the Dead #3


Best OGN:

Alena (Dark Horse Comics)

Casefile: Arkham (01 Publishing)

Death Follows (Dark Horse Comics)

Dylan Dog: Mater Morbi (Epicenter Comics)

The Eighth Seal (IDW Publishing)

Best Archival Collection:

Collection of previously released material / historical book on Horror Comics

Aliens 30th Anniversary: The Original Comic Series (Dark Horse Comics)

Richard Matheson: Master of Terror Graphic Novel Collection (IDW Publishing)

The Chilling Archives of Horror Comics: Snake Tales (IDW Publishing/Yoe Books)

The EC Archives: Tales From the Crypt Volume 2 (Dark Horse Comics)

Vampirella Archives: Volume 13 (Dynamite Entertainment)

Best Writer:  

Kim W. Andersson (Alena)

Cullen Bunn (Harrow County, The Sixth Gun, Blood Feud, Death Follows)

Marjorie Liu (Monstress)

Gail Simone (Clean Room)

Peter J. Tomasi (House of Penance)

Best Artist: 

Raymund Bermudez (Ex Mortis)

Tyler Crook (Harrow County)

Nik Poliwko (Tiki Surf Witches Want Blood, The Creeps, Tales from Grim County)

Jeremy Rock (Eighth Seal)

Jonathan Wayshak (Devolution)

Best Colorist:

Jordan Boyd (Devolution, Vampirella / Aliens)

Tyler Crook (Harrow County)

Laura Müller (Nenetl of the Forgotten Spirits)

Dave Stewart (House of Penance, B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth)

Colton Worley (Evil Ernie: Godeater)


Best Inker:

Raymund Bermudez (ExMortis)

Patrick McEvoy (Casefile: Arkham)

Terry Moore (Rachel Rising)

Nik Poliwko (Tiki Surf Witches Want Blood, The Creeps, Tales from Grim County)

Mike Wolfer (Daughters of the Dark Oracle)


Best Letterer:

Tyler Crook (Harrow County)

Terry Moore (Rachel Rising)

Nate Piekos (Colder: Toss the Bones, Alabaster: The Good, the Bad & The Bird, The Steam Man, Aliens: Defiance, House of Penance, Weird Detective)

Derek Rook (Gore Shriek)

Rus Wooton (Monstress, Devolution, Outcast)

Best Horror Comic Cover:

Fan voting will determine the Winner

Clean Room #9 - Jenny Frison

Creepy #24 - Ryan Brown

Glitterbomb #1 - Djibril Morissette-Phan

Gore Shriek Resurrectus Volume 1: Cover B - Putrid Matt Carr

The Steam Man #4 - Piotr Kowalski

Hall of Fame Inductees:

Johnny Craig

Gary Reed

Normanton Award Honoree: 

Presented for a commitment to carrying on the legacy of Horror Comics for generations to come.

Craig Yoe

The Ghastly Awards congratulate all of the Nominees for what they bring to the comic reading community and are here to celebrate these achievements.



Decapitated Dan, Mike Howlett, Denise Dutton, Daniel Viney and James Ferguson.


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