BC Rating System for Comic Reviews Explained

EDITOR’S NOTE: Earlier in 2016, we began using a rating system for comics reviews.  The new ratings system is just a method to make it easier to post reviews, by following a template.  It should also make it easier for readers to decide if they want to pick up the titles we are writing about.    Here are the specifics:


We’ll begin using a RATING SYSTEM of 10+ points, as detailed below.


STORY: Is the story well-told?  Does it engage the reader?  How original is it?  Is it one-dimensional or multi-faceted?  Possible 0-3 points.


ART:  Is the art engaging?  Does it assist in story-telling?  Is it clear or confusing? Is it complex or simple?  Possible 0-3 points.


COVER:  Does the cover have eye appeal?  Does it reflect the contents?  Does it create curiosity?  Possible 0-2 points. 


READ AGAIN?:  Is it worth a second reading? Yes or No.  Possible 0-1 point.


RECOMMEND?:  Would we recommend it to readers?  Yes or No.  Possible 0-1 point. 


KEEPER?: Is it different enough to stand apart from the pack in a meaningful way?  Is it a classic example of the form or genre?  In other words, would it be included in our Desert Island Long Box?  Yes or No.  Possible 1+ Bonus Point. 


Any title getting 11 points in this system is absolute perfection — you must have a copy for your collection!  (Thanks to Spinal Tap for giving us the idea for this - - - “our amplifiers go to 11!”)


So, if you’re just looking for something new to read, and we’ve rated a book at 7 points, it could be what you would like.


If we’ve rated a book at 8 points, it’s definitely premium quality.

Anything we rate over 8 points, is something you should be calling your comic store to hold a copy for you.


Please check out some of our upcoming reviews, and send us some feedback / comments.


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