Rat–A-Tat: Short Blasts of Pulp - genre fiction showcase

EDITOR’S NOTE:  BC Refugees has great respect for classic pulp fiction and admires any attempt to revive this format, which embraces or enfolds many genres: action adventure, detective, crime, science fiction, fantasy, horror, mystery and western.  From their home base in Arkansas, since 2010 Pro Se Press has done much to keep the format alive.  We feel honored to share the news of their latest and very ambitious plans.  We plan to update our readers on happenings at Pro Se on a regular basis . . . . . .

Pro Se Productions announces the release of one of its most interesting collections yet. Multiple genres get the Pulp treatment in stories of three thousand words or less in Rat-A-Tat: Short Blasts of Pulp. Like Bullets from a Tommy Gun, Pro Se Productions delivers Pulp like no one else in Rat-A-Tat: Short Blasts of Pulp.

Rat a Tat

          Today’s best Genre Fiction authors pull their fedoras down tight, charge their laser blasters, and barrel full speed ahead into Rat-A-Tat.  This collection features short short fiction designed to illicit the same emotions, the same edge of the seat thrill, the same action
and adventure as classic Pulp stories and New Pulp novels.  Thrill to Pulp delivered in quick, sharp blasts from a rogue’s gallery of authors:

Russ Anderson, Jr. . . .Ralph L. Angelo, Jr. . . Mark Gelineau                                               David White . . . Jaime Hudson . . . Philip Leibfried
Nick C. Piers. . . Teel James Glenn . . .Joel Jenkins                                                              James Bojaciuk . . .Edward J. Indovina . . . James Hopwood
Adam Lance Garcia . . . Logan L. Masterson . . .Kevin Rodgers                                                 H. David Blalock . . . A. Stuart Williams . . . James Kinley
Ken Janssens . . . Mark Bousquet

Rat-A-Tat: Short Blasts of Pulp featuring an atmospheric cover by David L.
Russell and cover design and print formatting by Percival Constantine is now available
in print on Amazon for $12.00.  The collection of flash pulp fiction is also available
as an eBook designed and formatted by Russ Anderson on Kindle exclusively
for only $2.99.

pro se logo

Writers Wanted

          Always striving to provide more of the best in Genre Fiction and New Pulp for you, Pro Se Productions has a continual list of anthologies and imprints open for writers to submit to.  We like to call it The Pro Se Open.  If you’re a writer interested in the possibility
of writing for Pro Se, check the Writers Wanted section (
http://prose-press.com/pro-se-open/) regularly to see if projects are still available and to keep up with all the new concepts open for submission from Pro Se Productions.

          Stories must be 10,000 words in length.  A proposal of 100-500 words must be submitted to submissions@prose-press.com.  Authors not previously published by Pro Se Productions must submit a writing sample of at least two pages with their proposals.
Authors whose proposals are accepted must submit the first four pages of their accepted stories as quickly as possible for review by Pro Se staff.  Final deadline for completed stories is 90 days following acceptance of proposals.  For more information on the
submission process, go to

Here is a sample of a recent submission call . . . . . . . . . .

EXPLORER PULP:  Pro Se Productions announces today an open call for
stories centered around a character that appeals to the curiosity, wanderlust, and thirst for adventure everyone has.  Authors are invited to dig into lost pyramids, excavate forgotten temples, and uncover forgotten civilizations and unknown dangers in Explorer Pulp.

          Pro Se is seeking stories that focus on those adventurers that seek treasure, knowledge, or a mixture of both in far away lands, hot jungles, frozen tundra, wherever on Earth secrets might hide.  The stories must be set anywhere from 1800 to the present day and the plot of the story must be an intentional exploration, not someone falling into a mystery by finding a map in a wall or other such conceits.  The men and women these tales will be about should preferably be adventurers at heart and explorers of some kind by trade. Explorer Pulp is scheduled for publication in 2015.

ALTERNATIVE AIR ADVENTURES: An innovative publisher of Genre Fiction, Pro Se
Productions reveals plans for an anthology that has its roots in Classic Pulp Fiction, but with a twist. The company announces open call for submissions for its very unique Flight tale collection, Alternative Air Adventures.

         Imagine that the Wright Brothers never built their airplane. Or that no airplane or helicopter, for that matter, ever got off the ground.  Stories for Alternative Air Adventures must look at a world where flight has indeed been achieved, but neither
by anything resembling an airplane or a helicopter. Zeppelins, hot air balloons, and many other things definitely fit the bill. It can be set as early as the mid 1800s all the way through today and must center around an aviator type hero. Just no planes or
whirlybirds allowed. Alternative Air Adventures is an opportunity for authors to really break loose and for all sorts of premises to come in.

          Alternative Air Adventures will feature stories set from approximately 1860 to the present day.  The central hero must be an aviator of some sort and air travel/flight must be a significant part of the story. Airplanes and helicopters are off limits for use and
Pro Se Productions may disqualify any proposal for hewing too close to using airplanes or helicopters. These stories may include supernatural or extraterrestial elements, BUT the mode of flight that is featured in each tale MUST be feasible scientifically, not utilizing any alien technology, mystical machinations, or other extranormal means of activity. Alternative Air Adventures is scheduled for publication in mid to late 2015 by Pro Se Productions.


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