Attention Writers: Open Submissions for New Anthology Series


From the official Pro Se Press Release . . . . .

An innovator in Genre Fiction, Pro Se Productions announces an open call for submissions for four books in a new anthology series.

“CITY MYTHOLOGICA,” says editor Tommy Hancock, “is a concept that’s really so new and different that we’re very excited about it.  The premise is simple to state, but not necessarily so easy to explain.  Essentially, each anthology will focus on a different city. 
The stories in the anthology will not only have to be set in the city the book is centered on, but they must be mythological in nature. 

That’s the part that some may not understand, but there are cities around the globe that are historic, that have such a rich lineage all their own, that they very much deserve, and some even already have, to a degree, their own myths, tales that explain why events happen or things are a certain way in that city.  Some would say that some cities already have their own pantheon of gods and goddesses.  What CITY MYTHOLOGICA will do simply is make that all true by establishing a mythology for the cities the series focuses on.”

CITY MYTHOLOGICA will be an anthology series focused on applying the concept of mythology to cities.  The intent of the stories should be to build a pantheon of gods and goddesses as well as heroes of mythological proportions for the cities spotlighted AND/OR explain a particular characteristic/aspect/event associated with a city in a way that classic myths of ancient civilizations did.  The intent is NOT to adapt gods of other myths or events from other mythologies into these stories, but rather to create from only what the city has to provide a new mythology specific to its own location.

“We don’t want Zeus as a tycoon,” states Hancock. “Instead, just using this as an example from one of the cities we’re focusing on first, what if W.C. Handy were the god of music?  And understand, we want writers to play with this in their unique way, so they can establish characters as gods and over the top heroes or villains from the get go, or it can be stories of their ‘ascension’ as it were.

We also need just as many stories explaining why something is the way it is in a particular city, but not from a historical perspective as much as a mythological ‘Why is Broadway in New York’ sort of thing.  Sure, the stories can be and should in most cases be based on the city’s history, but beyond that, we are seeking myths.”

The first four cities to be focused on for CITY MYTHOLOGICA are Memphis, Tennessee; New Orleans, Louisiana; New York City, New York; and Chicago, Illinois.  Future books will focus on other American cities as well as cities around the globe.

“We will be very selective,” says Hancock, “with this series. Our hope is to build a mythology for each city that we can then set up as sort of a shared world sort of thing and set stories in those cities in the future, using that mythology to a whole new level.”

Stories for the CITY MYTHOLOGICA series must be 8-10,000 words in length. Those interested in submitting a proposal should contact to request a bible for this project. A proposal of 100-500 words must be submitted to Authors not previously published by Pro Se Productions must submit a writing sample of at least two pages with their proposals. Final deadline for completed stories is 90 days following acceptance of proposals. Payment will be in the form of royalties, the percentage determined by number of accepted submissions.

CITY MYTHOLOGICA is a part of the Pro Se Open, the company's anthology project, and is scheduled to be published in the 2018-2019 calendar years, depending on submissions and other factors.


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