TRISH TRASH gets two Eisner nominations, new volume



from the official Papercutz press release . . .


     Jessica Abel’s TRISH TRASH: ROLLERGIRL OF MARS had been nominated for two Eisner Awards, including Best Writer/Artist and Best Publication for Teens.  The second volume of Abel’s acclaimed series is out August 15.

     TRISH TRASH, the series, is part dystopian science fiction and part rollicking roller derby adventure story. It's a compelling tale of a young working class girl who feels trapped by the circumstances of her birth and economic situation. Trish also happens to live on Mars and dreams of hover derby stardom. One day she sneaks into a try-out for her local derby team, a decision that sets into motion a series of events she may or may not be prepared for, including landing a spot on the derby team.

     In volume two (hardcover, 64 pp, $14.99, 9781629916392), Trish is still excited about her big contract to the roller derby team, but changes are afoot. She has added a new member to the household: Qiqi, an alien she found clinging to life in the untouched part of Mars. Together with her working class aunt and uncle, the family rehabilitates her to health.  Meanwhile, life on Mars is getting harder and Qiqi’s presence brings a new financial burden. To make matters worse, Trish’s contract with the roller derby team is at risk as she needs to help provide for her family. This is all too much for Trish, who must ultimately decide whether to stay or speed away.



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