Guest Column: Trippy Horror Movies from 1973

EDITOR’S NOTE:  Occasional contributor and writer/artist/publisher Gary Scott Beatty shares his Dread Central article on Horror Movies from 1973.  I’ve only seen one of the movies he recommends (Wicker Man, and not the definitive version) and need to get busy.  These look really cool in a strange way . . . . . .

Dread Central has published my article, "Filming Trippy in '73: Horror Movie Picks."

I personally find trippy horror from the ‘60s and ’70s fascinating and creepy. Normal settings with a hint of strange, the unusual as commonplace, is what later inspired directors like Twin Peaks' David Lynch and writers like Stephen King and, in comics, Grant Morrison.

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Meanwhile, inspired by the 1952 Don Heck cover (left), I drew the illustration on the right, the first page of a story in the upcoming "Ghosts and Demons #1." Not sure yet where and when "Ghosts and Demons #1" will become available, so stay tuned to these newsletters!

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