Cartoonist Shares Father's Struggle With Alcohol in New Comic

EDITOR’S NOTE: In addition to creative story-telling possibilities, comics can provide an excellent medium to tell real life stories, advocate causes, and bring awareness to troubling situations.  Here’s a good example . . . . .  


from the Tinto Press release . . . .



Cartoonist for Denver’s Westword newspaper, Karl Christian Krumpholz, tells the story of the troubled relationship between a father and son and the role alcohol played in that struggle. Published by Tinto Press. 

From Tinto Press comes AN INTRODUCTION TO ALCOHOL, written and illustrated by Karl Christian Krumpholz. A darkly funny comic detailing the artist’s own introduction and first experiences with alcohol. Growing up, Karl’s father took him to bars and taverns where the young artist got a firsthand look at bar culture, the highs and lows, effects on family and its place in our society. Must a child mimic the habits of their parents? Can patterns of bad behavior be broken, or are we doomed to repeat the sins of the father? This is a comic about growing up, accepting parents and the discovery process of learning to come to terms with their shortcomings.

A great read for anyone who has had alcohol-related family issues. AN INTRODUCTION TO ALCOHOL collects the ‘Lil Karl’ storyline that was originally serialized in his weekly webcomic 30 MILES OF CRAZY! The comic debuted at the 2017 Denver Comic and Arts Expo (DINK) where it won Best in Show

Originally from the East Coast, Karl Christian Krumpholz’s work has appeared in VICEBirdy, Suspect Press, Show Devils comic, SLG Publishingand Modern Drunkard Magazine. He has provided the artwork for the documentary Neal Cassady's Denver Years for Colorado Public Television, illustrated the Daniel Landes' short story Revolt to What? (for Suspect Press), examines the history of Colorado venues in the weekly comic The Denver Bootleg for the Westword newspaper, and for almost four years have drawn the Tom Waits-ish stories, ’true-ish' tales and slice of life moments about the denizens, bars, and characters of the city in the weekly webcomic 30 Miles of Crazy! 


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  • 24pgs.
  • Full color
  • 10.25”x6.5”
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