What's new tomorrow 12/09?: THE PRECINCT

Precinct01 Cov A Benitez

THE PRECINCT #1  (Dynamite, December 09, 2015 release date)  Writer Frank J. Barberie.  Artist Crizam Christhian Zamora.  Colorist Dinei Ribeiro.  Letterer Troy Peteri.


Yearning for a steampunk police procedural / mystery?  THE PRECINCT just might be what you are looking for.  The book looks stunning, with very imaginative artwork.  

Precinct01 3

Big City is a steampunk metropolis, complete with blimps, elevated railroads and all sorts of machinery, all powered by steam.  The people dress in Victorian era garb and the locales also reflect that period of time.  Think Sherlock Holmes transplanted to Fritz Lang’s Metropolis.   Law and order is the responsibility of the local police force, commonly referred to as The Precinct.


Veteran Officer Mortimer Hill is a hard-nosed, rough mannered cop with a mechanical arm.  He gets called into a murder investigation involving the Grand Master of the Alchemy Academy, a secretive commune blending religion and alchemy while denouncing a steam-powered machine based society.  He has to pair up with Acolyte Josephine Winters, assigned by the Academy to assist the local police.  


   There is tension and dislike between the two.  In fact, the entire Alchemy Academy is offended by his involvement when introduced to Officer Hill because of his mechanized arm. The story moves along quickly and the art is a delight to behold.  Inks and colors are gorgeous.  Some giant mechanical monsters/robots are also lurking in the background to help spice things up.


This may be a book to watch.  Another issue or two will determine that.


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