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EDITOR’S NOTE: Comics are a great way to introduce young, distracted minds to literature. Many innovative libraries already stock their shelves with graphic novels. This new program from Papercutz is a great way to insure that all libraries have some comics content available. Help spread the word and share this article with your local library!

New Initiative Will Provide Free Magazines to Libraries That Support Graphic Novel Programming

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 August 5th, 2015 – New York, NY – Budget-crunched librarians will soon be receiving some respite thanks to a new program from Papercutz.  The “#1 kids’ graphic novel publisher” announced today that they will be supplying 100 free copies of NICKELODEON MAGAZINE to libraries that support comics programming.  It’s part of an effort by the publisher to fuel a growing trend in the school and public library space– “ComicCons” and other events focused on the fastest growing category in publishing – graphic novels.

“Librarians have been on the forefront of the graphic novel explosion,” explained Papercutz’s President Terry Nantier, “and forward thinking librarians have tapped in to the interest surrounding events like Free Comic Book day and ComicCon International to attract kids and parents to their facilities.  We think it’s an incredibly positive thing for graphic novels in general and we wanted to find a way to ‘give back’ to the community.  With the launch of NICKELODEON MAGAZINE this summer, we realized we had the perfect vehicle to promote comics readership and help librarians connect with kids who might be just beginning to become graphic novel readers.”

Comic book conventions are well known for a variety of attractions including creator appearances, costumes and, of course, exclusive promotional material from publishers.  While many librarians have reached out to the comics creative community for appearances at events and patrons have picked up the costuming challenge, promotional items have been handled on an ad hoc basis, depending on the largesse of publishers or individual creators.  This new program ensures that no comics-themed event will have to do without giveaways that incentivize reading.

“Nickelodeon has always been known for creating great comics material,” noted Papercutz Editor-in-Chief Jim Salicrup, “and we’re proud to continue that tradition with our new publication.  I’m personally excited by the opportunity to get the great work of our writers and artists out in front of the biggest audience possible.  The magazine is going to be a great way for kids to sample our graphic novels and be introduced to some of the fantastic Nickelodeon characters.”

Interested librarians simply need to contact Papercutz VP of Marketing, Sven Larsen six to eight weeks before their event.  As soon as Papercutz receives a librarian’s request (including details of the planned event) they will dispatch 100 copies of the latest issue of NICKELODEON MAGAZINE absolutely free (the library just has to pay for shipping).

"Papercutz graphic novels are already some of the highest circulating titles in libraries ”, explained Sven Larsen, VP of Marketing for Papercutz.  "But we’re always looking to grow our audience and the readership for comics.  It’s part of why we partnered with Nickelodeon in the first place.  The new NICKELODEON MAGAZINE is another great way to get kids started on reading and the perfect introduction to the world of graphic novels.  We’re excited that it will be a cornerstone of our efforts to help libraries expand their graphic novel programming and we want this program to be a giant ‘thank you’ to all the librarians who are helping to create the next generation of comics fans!"

NICKELODEON MAGAZINE is available at newsstands, bookstores and comic book stores everywhere. Single issues of the magazine are also available in digital format on Comixology. To find a comic shop near you go to or dial 1-888-COMIC BOOK.
To request copies for your library’s graphic novel event contact Sven Larsen at

Papercutz is celebrating ten innovative audience-expanding years of publishing great graphic novels for all ages.  Papercutz graphic novels for kids, tweens, and teens include a wide range of genres from humor, action adventure, mystery, and horror to favorite licensed characters.  It is proud to be the only publisher exclusively dedicated to children’s graphic novels, working every day to introduce young readers to the imaginative wonders waiting to be discovered in comics.
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