NOTE: Do not- - - DO NOT ! - - read this review if you have not read your copy of JUSTICE LEAGUE #1  yet!  Instead, pick it up and read it now.  I’ll wait for you. 


This is the book that many comics fans have patiently waited for.  It’s so monumental an event that even DC made sure everybody knew how important it was by only releasing two super-hero titles this week: FLASHPOINT #5 - - the end of the current era, and JUSTICE LEAGUE #1 - - the beginning of the new age.  Is it a really a huge event? - - - Is it a significant break-through? - - - Is it worth the hype and worth the money?   . . . . .  Well . . . . . . . . . . I’m happy.

Artist extraordinaire Jim Lee is a personal favorite.  As I mentioned before, I am buying this book for the art, so a good story to go along with it would be a bonus.  The art does not disappoint.   I also got a good story - -  just not a great story.  It’s the opening chapter in what I guess will be a major introduction of all the members of the new team and the story of how they came together - - so I’m expecting that to take up between 4-6 issues.  Hey, it’s Jim Lee art!  You don’t clutter it up with a lot of dialogue and detail.  Need to take you time to tell your story.

So, what happens in Issue #1? 

1) The world apparently doesn’t understand super-heroes and doesn’t trust them either. But the events of this issue occurred “five years ago.”  So I can’t speak for the current timeline just yet.

2) Batman and Green Lantern meet for the first time, although they apparently were aware of each other before this. 

3) A huge mechanical winged creature blows itself up and leaves behind a box, which Batman believes is some kind of alien computer.  And because Superman is an alien, Green Lantern suspects he is connected to it somehow. So he leads Batman on a trip to Metropolis to meet Superman who punches first and then asks a question.

4) In a brief interlude, we eavesdrop on a high school football game in Metropolis where a superstar receiver/running back wows the pro scouts. We learn he has issues at home, especially with Dad, and oh yeah - - we all think he will become the hero Cyborg (cause he looks just like the guy on the cover, without the armor and enhancements).

What did I like about Issue #1?

1)  The art.  Oh yeah. I liked it a lot. 

2) A little more humor and light-hearted tone than I am used to seeing from Geoff Johns.

What didn’t I like?

1) Green Lantern.  This version of Hal Jordan/Ryan Reynolds is cocky and arrogant, asks obvious questions, and makes wisecracks that, while they may be funny the first time will start to annoy with repetition. (Is he trying to act like Peter Parker/Spider-Man?)  Johns has made him stupid and naive.   However, Batman acts like the Batman I know and prefer to see.  Thanks for not messing him up.

Do I hate this book?  Absolutely not.  I hope you read it too.  It’s a little bit of fun . . . and the art is wonderful !

Am I disappointed?  Not really.  I’m more surprised that this debut has such a spotlight on it, considering what it actually delivers in content, etc.

Next week 13 more books  (all #1’s !)  go on sale.  I’m in for ACTION COMICS and ANIMAL MAN and plan to review them here eventually.


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