Baltimore Comic Con, Day Two

I arrived here roughly the same time as yesterday - - and just like then the line to get in was stretched outside and down a full block already.
I passed on the opening 11 a.m. presentation choices, so this gave me an hour to mill about the show, checking out the special buys on trades, etc. and meeting an assortment of artists and writers. I knew that once I started attending the presentations that I would probably remain in the upstairs conference room following one session after another from 12 noon until almost show close. In preparation for that I ate a large breakfast, and subsided all day on a few dixie cups of water and a small pack of peanuts.
One of the highlights of Day Two was meeting Sergio Aragones and hearing him relate his beginnings in the comics buisness. He is a very natural and easy going speaker with great recall, entertaining and amusing at the same time. I'm planning a longer write-up of his session for this site.
My earlier plans were adjusted, as I opted out of viewing the Costume Contest at 1 p.m. and instead attend the Comics Rewind: The 1980's session moderated by Mark Waid. They didn't cover the core books of the 1980's as I thought they might, and instead swapped stories about the work enviroment then. However, it was still fascinating - - especially seeing this stellar gathering at one panel: Walt Simonson, Louise Simonson, Tim Truman, Marv Wolfman, Matt Wagner, and John Workman along with Mark Waid.
Another highlight of the day was hearing artist Dean Haspiel and colorist Jose Villarrubia talk about their role in the upcoming CUBA: MY REVOLUTION, an incredibly powerful biographical work coming out in September. I'm reading it for the second time and finding even more things to admire. Look for a longer piece about this from me soon.
The 4 p.m. session I attended promised A CAGED EVENT - - PAUL POPE VS. BOB SCHRECK, which never got to that level. There was more mutual admiration occuring, but both participants did spend a good amount of time explaining the creative process as it applies to them, and some insights into their styles.
Another trip through the vendor/exhibit area for me resulted in a few more bargains found, and I left Baltimore Comic Con 2010 with a smile on my face.
Apparently I was the sole representative of the BC Refugees. I didn't see anyone else, although it's a huge show and quite possible to miss each other.


  1. What are the email addresses of the guys that write on this blog? I also used to be a BC Sports customer and was looking to ask you guys some questions.

  2. The administrator email for the blog is "".


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