Big Amazon Omnibus Sale, um, Glitch

I’m late on this, ironically because I was out most of the day yesterday at a comic sale, but while it lasts check out the links below to Rich Johnston’s discovery of a lot of Marvel Omnibus hardcovers on sale for $14.99 or less! It’s not clear to me whether it’s an error on Amazon’s part or not, but since they don’t charge until they ship the worst that can happen is that your order gets cancelled.
The Great Amazon $14.99 Graphic Novel Sell Off Of 2010
Daddy, What Did You Buy In The Great $14.99 Amazon Day?

Edited at 5pm to add: Johnston's blog now says it's officially a glitch. We'll just have to wait and see which (if any) orders get shipped.


  1. Hah, I didn't realize you'd posted this here when I sent out my email!

  2. Best to get the word out as many ways as possible, I think.


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