Contestant of the Week

Wolverine creator Len Wein’s wife, Christine Valadais on Jeopardy! tonight. (It should still air in Philly at it’s regular 7pm time, because the Eagles pre-game show doesn’t start until 8pm.)

Spoiler: Results after the jump.

She won $15,201 and will be back tomorrow! This is especially nice since they lost their house in a fire earlier this year.

Tuesday she won $21,001 for a total of $36,202. She also mentioned her hobby of taking photographs of science fiction authors and editors.

Another win on Wednesday for $18,201, totaling $54,403. From a comment Alex made at the end of the show, I think they will talk about the fire during the contestant interview segment on Thurs.

Thursday: a $14,300 win for a total of $68,703. As I expected, they did talk about the fire and how the money will help Christine and Len put their lives back together.

Friday: ...and she's done. But it was a good run, and she even got featured in a Nightline profile of the show tonight.


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