Alterna addresses the issue of Pre-Ordering and offers easy solution

EDITOR'S NOTE: The link for the pre-order form above does not work. Please click here to download the special pre-order form from Alterna's website . . . . .


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EDITOR’S NOTE:  Every year, we try to find a worthy smaller, independent comic publisher to champion and feature on our blog. We are impressed by the use of social media by Alterna and their efforts to make comics more affordable to readers.  Also, we appreciate the chance to feature another opinion from pre-ordering - - - from the other side of the fence! Here’s the latest from their most recent press release . . . .

Let’s face it... pre-ordering comics can be an intimidating process.


Even the most seasoned comic reader can occasionally dread thumbing through the phonebook-sized catalog known as PREVIEWS. Order codes, page numbers, prices, titles, issue numbers, totals, etc. etc. -- it can be daunting to say the least.


For a completely new or casual customer, it might be seen as something that is totally unnecessary.  But PREVIEWS is very necessary for the comic shop industry as it's your pre-orders that can help ensure the survival of your favorite comics. While it's not that hard to use, it does take time (that you can use reading comics instead of reading catalogs) and it has a bit of a learning curve to it to get the hang of the lingo.


We can't make the entire catalog easier to use, but we hope that our new order form will make it easier to order and pre-order our titles at your favorite comic shop.




For Alterna titles, we've taken the guesswork out things by incorporating Diamond's order form along with a handy guide that shows when our titles are being released, what kind of genre they are, an example of first issue cover art, price, and age rating.


We've also added in a spot for customers to fill out their information as well so everything should be quick and easy for shop owners and readers can spend more time reading comic books and less time filling out paperwork.


Our new order form can be downloaded as a PDF below or by saving the image below as a JPEG.  Thanks for reading and for supporting creator-owned comics!



Diamond order codes too confusing or hard to remember?


Looking for a quick and easy way to tell your favorite local comic shop that you want our comics?


Well, look no further!


Click the button below to download a special order form that will do just that! 

Special Order Form >>


ADAM WRECK #2 of 3

(W/A) Michael S. Bracco

Great for fans of Star Wars, Lost in Space, Guardians of the Galaxy


The hunt is on as Adam scrambles to save his parents from Space Pirates, while Voric (ever the swash-buckling scoundrel) rushes to get the galaxy's greatest treasure: the Trillion Star! If you love epic space adventures, Adam Wreck is for you! Printed on newsprint with a glossy cover.


$1.50; 32pgs; FC

MAY171057; July 12th



(W) Matthew D. Smith

(A) Jeremy Massie, Christine Brunson

Great for fans of Stranger Things, Teen Titans, The New Mutants


Sam, Mike, and Violet wake up in a world where comic book heroes have come to life! But with heroes come villains, and The Maulers are as bad as they come. Amazing Age delivers larger than life action for readers of all ages. Printed on newsprint with a glossy cover.


$1.50; 32pgs; FC

MAY171058; July 19th


CROAK #2 of 3

(W) Cody Andrew Sousa

(A) Francesco Iaquinta, Chris O'Halloran

(L) Dezi Sienty

Great for fans of Friday the 13th, The Thing, Alien


As the creatures lurking within the trees grow in number, Aubrey, Nick and Tim will do what they must to survive; no matter how unspeakable. Croak is perfect for fans of survival horror and creature features. Printed on newsprint with a glossy cover.


$1.50; 32pgs; FC

MAY171059; July 5th



(W/A) Charles C. Dowd

Great for fans of Alice in Wonderland, Conan the Barbarian, The Wizard of Oz


During an imaginary adventure, Lilith follows a kitten into a mysterious tree and discovers a hidden world full of very real beasties! Lilith Dark has the perfect blend of magic, fun, and adventure for readers of all ages! Printed on newsprint with a glossy cover.


$1.50; 32pgs; FC

MAY171060; July 26th

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