Tonight at midnight is early release of DC'S DARK NIGHTS: METAL

EDITOR’S NOTE:  Tonight’s a big deal for those who’ve waited for the next big event from DC Comics to arrive.  Several shops, including CAPTAIN BLUE HEN COMICS in Newark DE are hosting a midnight release party to welcome the book.  We’ve already featured their events for the entire month of August here in an earlier post.  So, we now give some equal time to another great Delaware Comic Book Shop  - - THE COMIC BOOK SHOP in Wilmington, DE.  Here’s a copy of their webpage with the announcement of tonight’s premiere, as well as some other upcoming events.  There are far too many links for me to try and incorporate them all here.  Visit their webpage to learn more . . . . . .

The Comic Book Shop!
Week of August 16th, 2017

Sometimes, Friends, after long waits and some disappointments, forces align to deliver something wonderful. Right now, that's

It's kind of a big deal.
- Scott Snyder & Greg Capullo's Batman (New 52)run was and is a solid hit favorite for most Batfans. They crushed story and art every time.
- Capullo & Snyder want to work together again, so they pitch a story inspired by watching Cosmos with Neil deGrasse Tyson.
- DARK NIGHTS is an event dealing with dark matter and the multiverse lots of Batman, plus the Justice League.

- We read the first issue and IT IS INSANE.
- Main series is six issues, #1 out this week!
- There are various one-shots and tie-ins that are NOT essential but will probably be fun!

If you're around at
10:30pm-12:30am tonight, Tuesday 8/15,
stop by our Midnight Release Party!

Jack Kirby 100th Celebration – Donate to Hero Initiative!

Join us celebrating the life and legacy of the
Jack "King of Comics" Kirby by donating in
his name to Hero Initiative!

Jack Kirby is one of the most influential forces in comic book history; His signature style can be seen in many comics on the shelf today!

The Hero Initiative is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping comic book creators, writers and artists in need.

Please consider donating at our collection jar in the shop this month to help celebrate this amazing man and make a difference. Thanks!!

Pittsburgh-based cartoonist Ed Piskor to give X-MEN the
Hip Hop Family Tree Treatment

Delaware Punk Rock Flea Market
Sunday 8/27  10a-5p

We'll be there with a bunch of cool weird stuff!

Matt Fraction Makes Comics That Get Inside Your Heroes’ Heads

MISTER MIRACLE #1, DC - Sold out! Ask about getting a 2nd printing
REDLANDS #1, Image - Creepy horror. Wytches fans, read this! Jordie Bellaire & Vanesa Del Rey
STAR WARS ROGUE ONE CASSIAN & K2SO SPECIAL #1, Marvel - South Philly easter-eggsfrom native writer Duane Swerczynski 

Baltimore Comic Con
9.22 - 9.24.17

It's all about COMICS and COMIC CREATORS!
It's a well-run and a great value!

We'll be set up there with an awesome booth!

HeroClix Events!  ages 14+
It's like chess, but with superheroes!

Saturday August 19th at 10:30am
600 Point Constructed. Two Figure maximum Battle Royale (to be played on the big 14′ map) 

Magic the Gathering Events! ages 13+

Friday August 18th at 6:30pm
Hour of Devastation BOOSTER DRAFT – $10. Casual Play Night!

Comics, Graphic Novels, & More!

New Releases on 8.16.17 - COMPLETE LIST

New Releases on 8.25.17 - COMPLETE LIST

********            ********            ********

TCBS New Releases August 16th, 2017

New #1s & One-Shots

Jack Kirby 100th Anniversary - Classic Kirby Stories!
Top Picks - Issues

BITCH PLANET TRIPLE FEATURE #3, Image - Back for more?? Three talented teams bring the hot, hot heat to entrenched patriarchy everywhere. New stories from the front lines of BITCH PLANET...and all the backmatter you can handle.  100% Grade-A satire. Funny 'til it hurts.

Dark Matter + Multiverse + Batman's Nightmares
More info in our Midnight Release Party Event!

SPY SEAL #1, Image -  Journey into the thrilling world of international espionage as one of Britain's most covert MI-6 divisions, The Nest, recruits a brand-new secret agent to their team: SPY SEAL!
An exciting new comic series-reminiscent of The Adventures of Tintin and Usagi Yojimbo-and created by SHE WOLF author, RICH TOMMASO.

SUPERMAN #29, DC – The writing team of Tomasi and Gleason are joined by co-writer Keith Champagne in a story that returns to their Green Lantern roots and asks the question "What scares Superman?"

Top Graphic Novels

BATGIRL STEPHANIE BROWN TP VOL 01, DC – Stephanie Brown is Batgirl - and now, she must learn to balance school and crime-fighting or face the wrath of Barbara Gordon! With guest appearances from Batman and Robin and villains like Man-Bat and Scarecrow, Batgirl steps up to the mantle! Collects BATGIRL #1-12.

LOCKE & KEY HEAVEN & EARTH DLX HC ED, IDW - Following the Small World deluxe edition, this special deluxe release finally reprints the oft-requested and long-denied Eisner-winning one-shot, "Open the Moon!" Plus the other long-sold-out one-shot, "Grindhouse!" PLUS plus: the even more hard-to-find IDW 10th anniversary Locke & Key tale, "In the Can!" And additional covers, behind-the-scenes photos and more, all wrapped up in a beautiful 72-page hardcover package.
NAMESAKE TP VOL 01, Boom - Steve Orlando. Once every seven years, Earth overlaps with Ektae, which breaches our world for seven days, bringing dirty magic and ideas. One man born of both worlds must sacrifice everything to put his fathers to rest and save himself in the process.

SEXCASTLE TP, Image - Shane Sexcastle, formerly the World's Greatest Assassin, has paid his debt to society for killing the vice president. Leaving his violent past (also: prison) behind, he's decided to settle down and sell flowers in a small, quiet town-but that doesn't mean he'll tolerate the fools who think they run this town.
An homage to to the likes of Die Hard, Road House, and '80s-era WWF wrestling, SEXCASTLE may just be the single greatest '80s action movie never made.




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Resistance fighters:  If you haven't read
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It's THE guide to civil disobedience, from civil rights icon Congressman John Lewis, with Andrew Aydin & Nate Powell.

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