New GARFIELD collection to be released September 5th




In stores September 5th

From the official Papercutz press release . . . . . .

Look who the cat dragged in! 


On September 5, the famous feline returns in THE GARFIELD SHOW VOL. 7: "Desperately Seeking Pooky," which features three stories based upon the original characters by the legendary Jim Davis! In "High Scale," Garfield receives a terrible ultimatum from the vet: lose two piunds in a week or get sent to Maggie's Cat Spa, where lunch is a single pea! Then, in "Freaky Monday," Garfield gets a dose of karmic justice as he and Odie switch bodies. Finally, in the title story, Garfield’s beloved stuffed teddy bear, Pookie, has been stolen off the clothesline and he and Odie must go to great lengths to scour the neighborhood for their stuffed comrade.

The Garfield comic strip appears in more than 2,100 newspapers, read by more than 200 million people every day. But for those of you who crave more wacky hijinks featuring everyone's favorite feline, the stories in "Desperately Seeking Pooky," which were assembled under the guidance of Jim Davis, are for you!

Papercutz will release volume seven of THE GARFIELD SHOW in hardcover (ISBN: 9781629917450, $9.99) and paperback (ISBN: 9781629917443, $7.99) on September 5, 2017. 



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